Thursday, July 26, 2012

In Honor of Sofia

Losing a parent is like losing a piece of your past, present, and future. What you are hopefully left with is an impression of love and caring that will last you through the rest of your lifetime.

For some of us, what we are left with is so much bigger and requires so much more dedication and love that we are compelled to share it with others. It is not often that one person can touch someone so deeply that the mark they made on one life is enough to then, in turn, influence hundreds, if not thousands.

Yet this can be said of Cathy's mother Sofia.

In the time since I first met Cathy, I have seen firsthand hundreds of lives changed by Cathy's work but only after several months of watching one beautiful act of kindness after another unfold did it ever occur to me to ask Cathy how she got started and what inspired her to change so many lives. Cathy shared with me the touching story of her mother's life, explaining the kind of woman her mother was. Strong, resolved, in some ways old fashioned and in other ways ahead of her time, but always loving and caring. Unlike so many people, she walked the walk. She spoke of kindness and generosity, but instead of just lecturing, she lived her life for others as an example. Cathy shared that Sofia's motto was: "If you can help, help wholeheartedly. If you are going to hurt them, turn and walk away quickly."

This motto and the way that her mother lived her life inspired Cathy's own path. When Cathy began to make bracelets, the first one she created was in honor of her mother. Originally an item she handed out to others to honor her mother's life and raise awareness for breast cancer research, Sofia's bracelet became the first Etsy item on Cathy's initial sales page to become cause jewelry. Since this humble beginning, Cathy has gone on to create bracelets for over 80 causes, raised money to support people through difficult times, and created a loving and caring community of followers known as Frikes who have in turn spread their love and generosity onto others after being inspired by Cathy's Creations.

Sofia's influence has touched many and this weekend it may reach several more. Cathy is participating in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Race for the Cure in honor of her mother's passionate and giving life. In the true spirit of what her mother left behind, Cathy is now able to walk the walk for her mother.

Please take the time to leave words of love and support for Cathy's trek, or share how the influence of Cathy's Creations, and therefore Sofia, has touched your life. Cathy will check in to read these periodically to keep her motivated during her walk, and I'm sure they will keep her strong at heart always.

Cathy, I love you and I believe you have truly made your mother proud! Love, Nicole


  1. Cathy

    Your mom is who brought us together. Her having had cancer and than you reading I had my own cancer. Going through some hard times you wanted to reach out and help me and you did! You told me about your mom and from there we grew closer over time. The closeness formed us a friendship and a bond that I pray only strengthens and never brakes! You walking this walk means so much to me! I know your mom has been smiling a long while watching you lead up to this weekend! The next few days she will be your guardian angel! Each step you take , each hug you share and each tear you wipe will all be for your awesome mom! Tonight I will pray and thank her again for giving the world a wonderful piece of her to share with me and the rest of the world..her daughter Cathy! So walk on , walk strong and start each day saying " This ones for you momma!" I couldn't be more proud than I am right now! I love you my friend! I may not be one of your best ... but your sure in hell one of mine ! <3 Love , Lisa Voveris XO

  2. Cathy, your generosity and tireless giving is so inspiring <3

  3. Good luck! Have fun! Meet lots of new people! oh and bring lots of bugspray, suntan lotion or spray and ibuprofen! :)

  4. I read the knid words above about your mother - and heard so much that reminded me of how others would describe you. You possess that same strength, love, caring and you are certainly willing to help whole heartedly!!

    I believe that your mom is walking alongside you for these 60 miles. I also know that she won't be the one with the blisters. I hope the walk goes well and the hydration possibly ends in "tini".

  5. You Go Girl! U r awesome ! :) Rock On !

  6. Cathy, You are a bright and shining Beacon for so many of us. Your mother I know is looking down upon you and all you have done with a heart bursting with pride. More than that, you have enriched the lives of so many. Not just those who have benefited from the wonderful works you have done on their behalf and on behalf of the many programs and charities that you have worked for but even more so for those of us who are numbered among your Frikes. You not only humbly give of yourself in a thousand different ways, but you have enabled "Us" to also be a part of the giving and the hope and prayer for others. It is so important to have a strong, loving, compassionate leader like yourself who is able to gather around them and to light the way for us all to find a way to give of ourselves as well. Cathy, you not only talk the talk, you walk the walk, and you also lead those who gather along side of you in an effort to also give. You open the doors for them to give in so many ways, to be a part of something beautiful, to offer hope, prayer, and any kind of assistance, not only money but also what ever else may be needed, clothing, food, etc. etc. etc. We all need great leaders.....because they create a n army of soldiers and in your case, an army of benevolent soldiers......You are awsome Ms. Cathy.
    Sincerely, Pattie Voelker - Peppy's Mom

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  8. What a gift she has given the world! You! I wish I could have met your mom, I have no doubt she's quite the proud angel! Love Love