Saturday, January 11, 2014

Big Red Shoe Fundraiser

"Supporting children and families in their time of need."
The Ronald McDonald House is a 27-bedroom home where families stay while their children undergo extensive medical treatment. Here, parents and children lead a life as normal as possible during their traumatic times without the financial burden of costly hotel and travel expenses.
The Ronald McDonald Family Room at MUSC provides a sanctuary within the walls of the hospital where family members can rest, read, shower or have a cup of coffee while still being only minutes away from their seriously ill child.

 The beauty of RHM is that they ask the families for $20 a night, but do not turn away anyone who can't afford this. The actual cost of running each room is $50 a night. This making the actual cost of running the Ronald McDonald House of Charleston with 27 rooms $1,350. 

While at Ronald McDonald House with friends to drop off toys for Christmas, Jennene Koester, the House Manager, spent hours showing us around and sharing stories with us. We all left and knew that we needed to do something, anything to be able raise some funds to help with the house.

What better way then to wear our own pair of big red shoes!!!

Charlie Druelle from Charlie's Barber Shop in Aiken, SC, will be wearing his pair of red shoes daily to work. While at work, he will have them on display for all his customers to drop a donation in the shoe. He will also allow customers to wear and take pictures in the shoes.  

I will be wearing my shoes to work every day until I am able to raise a minimum of $1350 to be able to cover all the rooms for one night. If we are able to raise a minimum of $2500, I will fly down to SC and present the Ronald McDonald House to deliver the check and also volunteer for the day.

Please PayPal all donations to With every $50 donation, I will be giving out one of our Ronald McDonald Red Shoe bracelets.

What are you waiting for??? Send me to SC and save me from wearing those shoes to work for too long and we have to return the shoes back to Ronald as he is walking around barefoot!

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