Saturday, June 11, 2022

Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez- 10

Xavior James Lopez - 10

Our next random act of kindness is in honor of two special children, who undoubtedly would wish to share the love.

Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez and Xavier James Lopez shared a special bond. Immediately smitten with one another, the two texted frequently, even exchanging “I love you”s at bedtime. Annabell wore a picture of Xavier around her neck to all of his little league games. Whenever it wasn’t on her, she kept it safely in her backpack.

The two children were so close in their short lives that their families agreed to bury them beside one another.

Annabell loved to spend her evenings painting her grandmother’s nails and braiding her hair. Xavier enjoyed stepping in as his grandmother’s dance partner whenever she needed him to. In honor of these two, their interests, and their special relationship, we have chosen to donate in their memory to Amarillo Angels. Amarillo Angels is an organization that provides support and resources to the foster care community. One of their ventures, the Fairy Godmother Project, helps to provide prom dresses, hair and makeup tutorials, and more, for kids who otherwise would not be able to afford prom. We hope that our donation can help support this worthwhile program in their memory.

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