Friday, May 19, 2023

Jeb Bridgeman Memorial Rubix Cube Donation

Over the years, we have heard thousands of stories of loss, devastation, and sadness that have compelled us to take action to make a difference and to help make someone’s life brighter in honor of a lost loved one. Sometimes, it hits a little closer to home.



Online communities are a modern way to forge friendships, and where we can meet someone who we connect with emotionally even if the miles between us keep us physically apart. Hallee Bridgeman joined a mother’s group years ago and we met and connected through this network. From there, we’ve followed each other’s life stories online and watched our children grow up together from afar.

It was devastating to see her share the news that her son Jonathan, also known as Jeb, passed away tragically in a vehicle/pedestrian accident on April 29, 2023. Jeb was less than a month away from his fifteen birthday- his two gift requests: a ventriloquist’s dummy, and a Bible.

Jeb was a child with above average intelligence and a mind for solving and creating. Though he excelled in all areas of life, such as becoming a blackbelt in taekwondo, playing the violin, and acting (his lifelong career goal), Jeb had a mind for math. He could recite without effort the first 100 digits of Pi, and was a whiz with a Rubix cube.



Such a whiz, in fact, that he was a nationally recognized speed cuber- meaning he could solve a puzzle at speeds of 30 seconds or less.

As only a freshman, we have no idea what Jeb would have done with his life. But already, he was living it fully. He was active in his youth group, Club Beyond, and was even a cadet with The Kentucky Wing of Civil Air Patrol. He grew up nurtured by his loving parents, adored by his two siblings, and loved by a church community.

When someone as special as Jeb leaves this world, they leave a mark- and we want to leave a legacy.


We are asking for donations for funds to purchase Rubix cubes for Boston Children’s Hospital, so that other children who think, live, and feel like Jeb can enjoy the challenge, creativity, and mental stimulation of this toy. While Jeb may no longer be here to continue his journey on earth, we would like to continue it for him by inspiring others to enjoy life his way- using their mind, encouraging their spirit, and having fun.

Please consider helping us reach our goal.


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If you want to learn more about Jeb, here are some links:


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  1. Claire O'SullivanMay 30, 2023 at 3:19 AM

    So heartbreaking for all who loved him. What a fine young man. In the arms of his Savior.