Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bracelet Giveaway

A wonderful Frike (ahem Alison Vogel cough ahem)contacted me to donate this bracelet to one of the Frike Lifesavers this month! So now, not only do you get an awesome t-shirt for donating blood, you get a chance to win the Blood Donor Hero bracelet.

Just do what I'm sure you're already planning on doing: make an appointment to donate blood, take a picture of yourself donating (or of your bandaid) and post it on the Cathy's Creations fb fan page!

Thanks for being so generous, Alison!


  1. Does it count if you donate in Canada? Can I still enter? B/C this bracelet is gorgeous!! :)

  2. YES! It counts for anywhere in the world!! I'm an equal opportunity blood donor lover! :)