Monday, January 17, 2011

James and the Penguin Plunge

Check out this guy.
Doesn't just looking at him dressed like that in the snow make you shiver?

His name is James, and he's raising money for the Special Olympics
by...wait for it...
Jumping in to the Atlantic Ocean
on February 6th

Do you have any idea how cold it is in New Hampshire in February?
Let's just say in the last 5 years
it's been somewhere between -4 and 30 degrees Farenheit.
And that's the temperature on LAND.
The water has got to be ridiculously cold.

But James, and many other brave souls, will be taking a dip that day
and then hopefully getting his core temperature up
before his fingers and toes fall off.

So, Frikes, you know me. I love a good cause!
Let's raise some money for the Special Olympics
(which is a fantastic cause).
Here's the deal:

Donate to James and you'll get a discount on anything in my shop.
Donate $10 and you'll get 10% off.
Donate $25 and you'll get 25% off.
Donate $50 and you'll get 50% off.
Get the picture?
and listen to this: Donate $100 and you get a free bracelet!
Hell, I'll even give you two.

Donate to James by visiting his FUNDRAISING PAGE
and then email me at to
tell me how much you donated. I will then send
you a coupon code that can be used on an order placed in my Etsy Shop

Easy, huh? Ok, now go donate. I'll wait for you right here....

1 comment:

  1. WhooHoo James! I am going the same thing! Polar Plunge for Special Olympics (Mo!!
    Hope you stay warm!!! Good luck.

    Cathy, this awesome!