Friday, April 15, 2011

A wonderful cause

I want to introduce you to Allison.

Isn't she beautiful? That face just makes me smile. :)

Allison's parents, Jacki and Justin Nielson, took her to the Dr. because of a simple fever and swollen lymph nodes. Imagine their shock when they found out she has stage 4 neuroblastoma.

Neuroblastoma is a malignant tumor that develops from nerve tissue. It occurs in infants and children. It can occur in many parts of the body, and its cause is unknown. Neuroblastoma is most commonly diagnosed in children before age 5.

Allison will turn 3 this month. She's already had 1 round of chemo and is remaining spunky so far, running her family up and down the halls of the hospital with her medicine tree while she rides a trike.

Visit the Support Baby Allison facebook group to view updates on Allison's journey, and ask to join the group if you'd like to leave a message of support.

I imagine the costs the Nielson family has incurred throughout this ordeal are monumental, so I designed this bracelet to help. $5 from the sale of each bracelet will go to them to help offset some of their costs.

If it's not your style, Click on the button at the top right of the blog to
donate to the Nielsen family!

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