Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Heroes...we remember and honor them

A dear friend of mine and a cancer survivor, Lisa Voveris, will be participating in the Relay for Life. During the relay, they light up lumina bags with names of survivors and brave fighters that lost their battle to cancer.

It gave me an idea, how about I pick 10 people and purchase 10 bags with their loved ones name on them. Well, if you have been a Frike from the beginning, you know that I don't do well with limits.

Below, in red, are the names of the cancer warriors that will appear on lumina bags at the Relay for Life.

Jeanne A. - Is fighting now. Kimberly S.- (A single mom of a 2 year old) lost her battle last summer. Both are BZ friend

My aunt Dorothy is a 3 time survivor of breast cancer. My great-grandma Effie died of cancer when I was 10 or 11. My uncle Royce (dorothy's husband) died in 2005 of stomach and bone cancer.

Raye Godfree. She was such a fighter but lost her fight to breast cancer. She left behind 2 young daughters and a husband. She was amazing and such a brave woman.

My custodian at school is a survivor, her first name is Miriam. And also my dean at school is a survivor

Ryder Richards my nephew, currently fighting, he is only 2

My godmother (Patty B)is currently fighting lung cancer that has now spread to her liver.

My friends mom Kathy Baumer, fighting breast cancer

Gay is fighting cancer now and its almost beaten her. Colon then lung and now bone. Im sitting with her this weekend. Shes only 51 yrs old.

My Aunt Becky lost her fight with ovarian cancer this past March. We were so lucky to have been able to celebrate her last birthday less than two weeks prior to that.

My friend Theresa Carriere is a double breast cancer survivor and is going to run her One Survivor, One Day, One Hundred kms for breast cancer. Last year she raised over $180,000.00 for breast cancer.

Linda Christine Harding 1950-2009 r.i.p. My mother my hero strongest woman I'll ever know.

My exs mother Mable. Started as uterine cancer..when she died it had spread to her breasts, liver, lungs, and brain. I never met her but from what I was told she was an amazing woman.

My sister Suzanne. Diagnosed at 29 with breast cancer and passed away at 36.

My Dad. Peter Thomas Fitzgerald 1938-1994.

My grandmother Carolyn Whitebread was diagnosed with two different type of cancer. Once when I was 13, which she lived on with no sign of anything. And then again when I was just shy of 21. Died on Thanksgiving week, she said she was ready.

My dear friend miss Linda! She is a survivor!! She works at my daughters school and is the most amazing woman I know! She is me when I'm not there at the school and my girls need a pat on the back or a hug! We love miss linda and honor her!!

Both my grammies, Kathleen and Leeta are cancer survivors!

Pastor Deb MacDonald surviving breast cancer! Ruth Calder passed because of lung cancer, Harper Calder passed because of colon cancer- they were my husbands wonderful grandparents

My husband's mother, Colette Parker Bartlett lost her battle with breast cancer when he was a child. I never got to meet her, and neither will her grandchildren, but we keep pictures and family stories around to keep her memory alive. My daughter carries her name to honor her. She will be forever missed.

Pastor Jim Beals, he lost his battle a couple years ago. I dunno if you have 10 yet but Autumn Gossett is a survivor. To top it off, she was pregnant a good portion of the time she was undergoing treatment, and when she was diagnosed, so I guess technically both her and her daughter are both survivors.

My grandfather survived colon cancer. He was the rockingest grandfather you could have. His name was Vern. My grandmother survive cancer three times before giving in. It's been 9 years without her and I still miss her. She had three kids and there have been so many times that I wish I could call her. Her name was Barbara. Two of my uncles have survived skin cancer, Danny and David.

My grandma Peggy Arline Klein died from breast cancer when I was 7 and my father in law Jeff Pult survived colon cancer in 2000

Wendy Kay Giles Armstrong. She is STILL fighting! 18 months now...

Doreen Ruth King died of small cell cancer September 24, 1999 and Charlie Yackobeck died of prostate cancer October 11, 2006. My mom's mom and my dad's dad, two beautiful angels in heaven. Also, Vivian Brooks, survivor of breast cancer. My friend's mom who has been in remission since last fall. ♥♥♥

Philip Case, lost his battle in less than 3 months, last June.

My best friend's husband, James Dinneen, died at the age of 30, left behind his beautiful wife and my godchildren, aged 4 and 18 months at the time. So sad.

My dad, Mike lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in 2003.

After 2 long hard battles with breast cancer she decided to live her life out w/out fighting the 3rd time. Breast cancer may have taken her life...but her name & memory live on forever. Dorothea Sandkamp. I miss you Oma. We My amazing Aunt Donna lost her battle with Pancreatic cancer after 1 very short month. Miss you Aunt Donna.

My husband.... Allen and my best friend Susan both fought and are beating Hodgkin's lymphoma, my other good friend, Susan, fought and beat breast cancer! My mother in law beat cervical cancer.... Sadly my co- worker's niece lost her battle at the age of 4 to neuroblastoma last year. There are more I'm sure but that is off the top of my head. I thank God for my husbands survival every day!

My grandma Selma had a very rare skin cancer before she died. It was very slow growing so when it came back the second time she died of natural causes. If they had decided to treat it they would've had to take her nose.

My Mom Sandy is an 11 year breast cancer survivor. I lost my Grandpa, Willard, to Mesothelioma 2 years ago after a short, 6 week battle. :'( I miss you, Grandpa!

Margie Carroll my step mom(mom) died Nov 2001 after battling every type of cancer for 9 years and never dropped the smile from her face and loving unconditionally.

My bestfriend Bernadette Leno! She has fought off Triple Negative Breast Cancer! She is just about to wrap up Chemo and start radiation!

My daddy died of lung cancer in August 1978 Alton Leroy Bynum, Jr.

Joan Chancellor, small cell progressive lung cancer. Diagnosed in June, passed in July. Edith Armstrong, by the time it was found her body was consumed by cancer. Tom Armstrong, has been fighting cancer in his eyes for years and it has now traveled into the brain. We are praying for a quick, peaceful passing.

My uncle Brian died at 42, leaving behind my three cousins who were very young. My grandfather, Nelson McCulley, my aunt June and her husband Walter both lost their battles. My aunt Helene is living with breast cancer, my mother had melanom...a which she was lucky to catch early and had removed entirely. My brother's ex-MIL, Margaret Mailloux, died of breast cancer. My mother's best friend's son David Loney survived lymphoma as a teenager and now has a beautiful son.See More

Anne Newman, died of lung cancer just this past January.

My daughter's soon to be MIL has just finished the last of radiation for breast cancer (after her chemo). Also my SIL who is only 26 has melanoma. Did I ever tell you that you are so awesome and one of the greatest people to walk the earth? YOU! Both my mom's parents passed from cancer. My grandmother from brain cancer (thankfully it was quick and she never knew) and my grandfather had leukemia.

My aunt Marge lost her battle with cancer in January of this year.

A BZ mom's 4 yr old son is surviving brain cancer. Thomas Winfrey (mom is Sandra Krakover Winfrey) was diagnosed shortly before he turned 3! He is one strong and amazing boy!

My dh's cousin Cathy Nelson was recently diagnosed with colon cancer.

Gerald Wanderlick..he's my grandfather who lost his life to prostate cancer in 2006

Ashlee Rutledge-Barrientos I would LOVE to see Dani's name....Danielle Rutledge, as most of you know, she lost her 8yr fight with brain cancer a week ago today, at the age of 26.

My cousin Lisa Sytek is a breast cancer survivor.

Marcia Turner My stepson Charlie Turner is a Leukemia survivor. Diagnosed at age 3, he's now 16 and due to get his driver's license in June!) Marcia Turner My mom was Linda Rohrs. Cathy, please message me if you could use some help with the bags. You have the connections, I can help with some funds. I'd be honored.

My mother-in-law Eleanor Conz lost her battle.

Amanda Langford I'm a survivor :)

My Mother-in-law Sue Bommarito lost her fight to Thyroid Cancer and Father-in-law had Prostate Cancer when we lost him (they died 1 year 11 months 1 day apart, God rest their souls). He just past last month before Easter :( John Bommarito

Cathy, I you for all these wonderful things you do. If you still have room, our wonderful daycare lady, Tracey Eisenhauer, is a breast cancer survivor. She went for her first mammogram 2 months after turning 40 & was diagnosed with breast cancer weeks later. my uncle Joe Alemagna lost his 12 year battle with various cancers in Feb 2003.

Cathy I'd like to contribute too in honor of my friend Jennie Grimes who is fighting stage 4 breast cancer as we speak.

My mom, Kathryn Sparling, is a breast cancer survivor.

James Joyce is a prostate cancer survivor

My childhood BFF, Jennifer Grey lost her battle to brain cancer at age 6. My grandma, Ora Green survived breast cancer, then 6 years later died from uterine cancer 5 days after my first was born. Cathy, you're amazing.

My great Aunt, Ruth Peck, lost her fight in 2009.

My mom is a breast cancer survivor, Kathy Cribbs

Alana L. Correale ooo my aunt mary amato is a lung cancer survivor, my aunt Jo Shrouder sadly lost her battle with cancer last July

My sister Christie Nix is a breast cancer survivor. She passed the five year mark!

My mommy, Ann Williams! Miss her soooo much every day.

Nancy Hanes, My grandmother. 2 Time breast cancer survivor. Currently battling bone and breast cancer (again) at the age of 71.

My sweet mom, Sophia that lost her battle with breast cancer after a 20 year fight and my aunt, her sister, Popi that lost her battle with liver cancer

Lisa Knight Voveris 3Yrs clean after my battle with cervical cancer!

Stephanie Grieve, my sister, breast cancer survivor. Jason Banks, my brother, thyroid cancer fighter.

Ryan Slattery

Grandma Rose still fighting lung cancer and my aunt Mimi that passed from cervical cancer

My Mother, Marilyn Humes an 11 year Survivor of Brest Cancer and my Grandmother, Bernice Harper 26 year Survivor of Breast Cancer... I walk for them...and for all that can't...Love You! XoXo


  1. I can't Thank you Enough! For Honoring my Mother and Grandmother...
    Big Hugs!
    Angles are smiling down & all around you...
    We have our Earth Angels and those that are Smiling from Heaven...
    Next Year.... You, Me and 60 Miles in Boston....

  2. This is so wonderful. Thank you! <3

  3. Thank you for honoring my cousin. So happy she is still with us.