Monday, October 17, 2011

Meet Taiya

Greeting’s from what will soon be the “artic-tundra” a.k.a Canada!

When I told Cathy I would write up a guest post on her blog I had about a trillion idea’s in which I could write about. Then this happened….. I went blank. It was like walking into the grocery store after you left your list at home. Blank. Nothing. Zip. *crickets*

Then a vision appeared before me on my computer screen. A vision so precious and sweet, it takes your breath away.

Meet Taiya.

Taiya is 5 years old.

She loves all things that 5 year old girls do. She has friends, a loving family, a little sister and leukemia.

On August 29th she was diagnosed with AML (acute myloid leukemia) a cancer in her blood.

This type of leukemia is located at the stem cells of the blood and therefore affects all her blood cells. Her chemotherapy will be very intense, she will spend many weeks in the hospital to receive the chemo, and to manage the complications. In particular she will be at a very high risk of significant infections (particularly bacterial and fungal) following her chemotherapy, and will have to be monitored very closely. At present the treatment plan is to give Taiya 5 cycles of chemotherapy, 4-6 weeks apart.

Her family lives locally where I live. So when I caught wind of what Taiya was up against, I knew I could help. After all, I am a mother of four daughters myself. A mother that knows that no child should be this sick…ever.
While I know that I cannot make Taiya better (but if I could, you bet I would!), I know that I can help her family. As parents, heck as HUMANS, we should give support when others are falling.

So that is where the awesome Cathy of Cathy’s creations comes into play. She inspired me, like so many others, to help. To open my heart as big as it can and give. To teach my children to give, to be a better person, mother, friend , human.

I have a small business that I run. I sew and quilt. It makes my head quiet and my heart happy as I do it. What started as a hobby has turned into passion.
It occurred to me that I could take the contacts that I have made and have them help me, help Taiya.

So may I present to you, my gift to Taiya and her family!

A darling friend of mine and I have decided to have a charitable online auction that will take place on November 12-13th 2011.
We have all sorts of wonderful goods donated from local as well as worldwide angels.
Please consider donating and/or purchasing from the auction that weekend. Purchase some wonderful Christmas gifts all while helping a family in need of support.
If you are interested in donating to Taiya’s auction please email myself, Brenda at: .

Thank you to Cathy for allowing me be a guest on this wonderful blog of hers, and also thank you for reminding thousands of people daily to stand up and help.


Brenda Maks
owner , Four Daisies Quilting & Sewing

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  1. You are right! - Taiya is precious :)

    I just "liked" your auction page. Thoughts & prayers for that sweet girl and I wish you the best with the auction.