Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving Frike Love

I know I have the best Frikes in the whole unicorn. I'm thankful for all of you every day!

During this season of Thanksgiving, my heart turns to those who don't have the bounty that most of us do. I know that there are many, even among the Frikes, who don't have enough money to put Thanksgiving dinner on the table. Did you know that the average cost to make a turkey dinner for 10 people with all the trimmings is less than $50 (see http://couriernews.suntimes.com/business/8848285-420/cost-of-thanksgiving-dinner-rises-13.html)? To those without $50, that dinner must seem insurmountable. To others, $50 seems like nothing.

Here's your chance, Frikes! Let's help some people in need.

Do you need help with Thanksgiving dinner? Email me at cathy@cathyscreationsjewelry.com.

Would you like to help someone else with their Thanksgiving dinner? Email me at cathy@cathyscreationsjewelry.com, or simply send a paypal donation of any amount to the same address (make sure to mark it as a gift so no one pays any fees). Please mark the payment "Thanksgiving donation."

I will keep everything completely confidential.

Let's make this season of Thanks a happy one, and remember that it is in giving that we receive.


  1. Actually $50-80! YIKES! Many grocery stores start to offer HUGE deals for the holiday meals! A local grocery store is advertising that if you spend $100 in shopping (doesn't matter WHAT you buy doesn't have to be all food products) you get a FREE turkey! I did this last year. Spent $200 (normal at my house for 2 weeks) and got 2 FREE turkeys and these babies were about 25 pounds each!

    The holidays should be a happy joyous time. Stress free! I don't know many of you but I hope that your Thanksgiving and Christmas season is filled with love and joy! And to Cathy, I feel like I know you from your posts and I want to wish you love and joy to you and yours!

  2. Cathy you are totally amazing, always thinking of others. You are my insperation <3
    Keep up all the great work!!
    Jaime Dubey your Ma neighbor