Monday, November 28, 2011

Special Holiday Season Fundraiser!

You know what’s even better than a Cathy’s Creations bracelet for yourself or a loved one this holiday season? Knowing that your purchase helped a friend or family in need! It’s easier than you think.

Because our usual route of giving a helping hand is now charging for their services in connecting those who need the assistance with those who have something to offer, it is time to take things into our own hands and make sure that all of the generosity we have to offer goes to those in need and not into the pockets of a website manager! We believe that help from the heart should be free, and so we have come up with a unique way for everyone to benefit.

For a limited time, all proceeds from the Deal of the Day (DOTD) bracelets posted for sale on Facebook will assist a Frike-nominated person or family who could use a little helping hand this holiday season. The accepted nominations will benefit in the order they were received, and as always, all information is confidential. If you know of someone special who needs the extra help this year, please send an email to with details.

As the money comes in, it will be placed into a special fund and each week, these funds will be applied to the thoughtfully selected individuals.

So, Frikes, keep your eyes peeled and your fingers at the ready to type MINE and claim yourself or someone special a truly thoughtful gift!

Become a Frike! Join us on Facebook! Click “Like” to find out about this special fundraiser and everything else we’re up to!

And please, in the comment section below, share with us a way that you have been helped in the past that truly warmed your heart. We love rejoicing in the generosity of others, and hearing your story could be a true inspiration!


  1. Without the generosity and kindness of others, my family would not have had a Thanksgiving dinner this year.
    Finding people that actually wanted to take the time to help us in our time of need was absolutely amazing to me. =)

  2. Cathys Creations frikes helped not only me but a friend of mine who is a shut in have Thanksgiving. I am so blessed to have Cathy and slowly make some more friends through her. Sometimes being disabled after cancer you hit some real low points in life as a single mom and than you make a friend like Cathy who always does something way beyond your hopes and dreams to make things ok again! Now she has her frikes hearts lining up right beside her! God bless you all! One of you sent a bracelet for my grand daughter for Christmas! You ALL just rock and bring happy tears! xo

  3. Cathy you have helped me so much!! I am so Greatful that I met you and became a frike!! We met thru wish upon a hero when you and the other frikes helped me get food into my house. Then for Thanksgiving I nominated someone else knowing full well that I needed the same help that she did but my heart told me to nominate her and not myself. Then I put my tail between my legs and asked a week later and low and behold the frikes helped my family again. I am so Greatful that I am no longer homeless in time for the Holidays and even if my girls do not get much in meterialistic items mommy finally got them a place to call HOME again! Thank you for finding me on WUAH and inviting me to your great page, I am proud to be a frike and Greatful for all the frikes have done to help me. I am even Greatful when I hear your husband screaming from down the pike when the Bruins do something dumb!!!
    Jaime D. <3