Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Benefit auction: Paying it forward to Team Liam Lyon!

When a child is critically ill, we often rush to help raise funds for their family’s immediate needs: travel, living expenses, medical bills, and all of the things that add up so quickly and take attention away from where we feel it should be directed. Our hearts go out to the family, and more specifically we try our best to support the parents in their tireless journey advocating for their child and being at their bedside.

But sometimes someone slips through the cracks… like the siblings of those who are hospitalized, the children who have to sacrifice their time and attention for the family’s greater good, and often do so without complaint or concern for themselves. Recently, we shared with you the story of Liam Lyon, who fought a difficult 18 month struggle and tragically passed away. Liam has an older sister, Cheyanne, who spent six years as an only child and then was suddenly thrust into the world of being not only a big sister, but a big sister to a brother with very special and imminent needs. Cheyanne journeyed with her family to several hospitals across the country and spent countless hours in hospital waiting rooms and by Liam’s bedside, patiently becoming one of Liam’s biggest fans and one of the few people that could bring a smile to his face without hesitation. A year and a half of Cheyanne’s childhood have been surrounded in first sickness and then loss, and now she must bear the sorrow of losing a brother she never had the privilege of experiencing fully. She is surrounded in love, most especially by her two parents, as she journeys through paths so few children have to take.

Cheyanne and Liam were blessed not only with a loving mother and father, but an exceptionally supportive and nurturing grandmother, Nanci. Nanci dropped everything in her own life to be there for her daughter, Whitney, through Liam’s extensive struggles. Whether it was traveling hundreds of miles from one hospital to the next or helping with family obligations, Nanci did whatever she could to ease the unimaginable burden her daughter faced. As time wore on and Liam became more ill, Nanci felt that she had to be there constantly for her family in their struggles. After having cut back to part-time work, she realized her full-time attention had to be on Liam. She quit her job, cashed in her retirement, sold her home, and even ended a relationship in order to be with her number one priorities: her child and grandchildren. Nanci saw it all and was there for some of the most heartbreaking and emotionally tumultuous times the family has ever seen, but she doesn’t regret her decision. In the end, she was able to be there for people who needed her, and able to spend valuable time with her precious grandson.
We are always faced with stories of exceptional people but it still never fails to impress us when we see such an amazing family whose members put one another first in their time of need. So now we would like to give back to them, and we need your help!

For going above and beyond in the name of love, we would like to host a benefit auction to send Liam’s mother and father, Cheyanne and Grandma Nanci to Disney World in Florida. All profits from this auction will be used to pay for airfare, hotel, park tickets and food. Any amount raised beyond this point will be donated directly to Liam’s family for them to use as they see fit. If we are unable to raise enough funds through an auction, we will host a DOTD special. We will also be accepting donations in any amount through PayPal at this address: As always, if you send money through PayPal, please be sure to mark it as a "gift" so the amount is not garnished.

We are also accepting donations to feature in our auction. For more information, please email Cathy:

 Drawing of Liam Lyon by his sister Cheyanne after he passed away


  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Many thanks, Cathy and I have been wearing my Team Liam necklace since it came in the mail. Thank you for helping this family.

  2. Cathy, you are an incredible person. Thank you so much for organizing this. It will mean so much to the family. *hugs*

  3. Please let us know when and where the auction will be! - forever a dedicated supporter of Liam and The Lyons

  4. I would love to provide some items for your auction. Please contact me at Nancy Robertson Drake Lord on Facebook, or at via email.

  5. This family has recieved lots of donations and cheyenne recieved tons of gifts right along with Liam. This did what a family should do, why not do for all the families of sick children? Why reward them for doing what a family should do?
    They post everyday about sick children, why not help one of them out?

    1. Hello. Thank you for your concern regarding this project. As with any family we become close to through such tragic circumstances, the Lyon family has earned a special place in our hearts.

      We are certain Liam's family has appreciated the outpouring of love and support, as well as donations and presents from concerned and thoughtful friends and contributors. However, we feel that the greatest gift anyone can have is family, and surely Cheyanne has lost something that no amount of stuffed animals can replace. Her amazing love and supportive sacrifices for her brother should not go unrewarded, or so we believe. We would love to see the Lyon family enjoy one another in a way they have been unable to do for the last year and a half.

      One of the most rewarding things for us is to see that we have made a difference in someone's life. So while we take on as many projects as a business our size can handle, and put a lot of man hours in, both volunteered and paid, we cannot help everyone out there. It means more to us to be certain that we have indeed helped connect people in need with resources to show them support and positivity in their time of need. So while your suggestion to reach out to more people is very valid, and of course something we strive to do, this is where we feel our energy is best spent at this time.

      As always, all contributions are voluntary and we hope for a positive and successful outcome to this auction. We understand not everyone may wish to participate, and encourage all of our fans to stick around for the next big venture!

      Thank you for your opinion and your time. I hope this clears it up!

    2. A man and his wife were walking along the seashore. In the sand were thousands of star fish that had washed up too far to ever make it back into the ocean. As they lay dying, the wife picked one up and threw it far out into the surf. Her husband said,"Why did you do that? It won't make any difference." His wife replied,"It made a difference to that one."

      We can't help them all, but we can help some. We can make a difference in one family's life, one child's life.

      Why don't you create a new page for a family in need to support them in their medical journey, Anonymous? It would make a difference for them. In doing so, I think you will find it very, very difficult to abandon that family when their loved one dies and you will understand this benefit a bit more.

    3. <3 The story about the starfish is beautiful. It is sad for the ones that can't or don't get help. There are so many.

      There are millions of people in the world starving, yet I still donate to my local food bank. I can't feed the millions, but I can help a few. It is still worth doing, it is still helping one or some. It is the best I can do. If we all helped the best that we could, the world would be a better place.

      There will always be a nay-sayer or some that refuse to help. I just wish they'd keep their mouths shut and stop trying to tarnish the good that others are doing.

      Love you Cathy. You have a heart of gold. Keep up the good works! The families of those you help appreciate it so much!

      Stacy Hamner <-- who is not afraid to use her name

    4. I cannot believe some people .Prayers to the family and Ctahy you are an angel.

  6. I agree they have received money, plane tickets sports tickets and tons of other things. Does Cheyanne even go to school? There are so many families in the same situation as them and no one is helping them out. Some don't ask for help or expect people to help. Some of these families the father works and can't be at the hospital all of the time. the families are separated. These kind of families are all over facebook. Instead of sending this family to Disney (aren't they in California now) help several families with lodging, gas, food etc. Help Liam's father get a job.

    1. If you have a family you would like to nominate for help, please feel free to contact us! It is, now and always, our choice as to whom we help and why; if you can't understand why we do what we do and the types of comments we find acceptable on our blog, consider this motto, as it is the foundation of our business: "If you can help, help wholeheartedly. If you are going to hurt them, turn and walk away quickly." If you have any constructive feedback to offer, we are all ears.

      Please, when responding to blogs, remember that people who are suffering or who have seen difficult times may read them. We ask that if you cannot be kind or constructive when making your point, you email us instead.

      I leave you with this bit of wisdom:

      There is always a way to be honest without being brutal. - Arthur Dobrin

      Have a great Tuesday!

    2. I think this Anonymous is a troll that has been following their page. Let's all refrain from addressing this person again. I LOVE LIAM LYON!!!!

  7. I think this is a wonderful idea, is there an address where I can send a check? I support your organization 100%.
    Is there any way the above negative comment can be removed?
    I love Liam Lyon and the whole family. They have been through so very much. Can you imagine living in a hospital for 18 months and poor baby Liam only seeing outside 2 times of that 18 months.
    I believe Whitney's husband still has his job, not for sure on that but I think he does.
    Now Whitney is sick with walking pneumonia and is trying so very hard to stay out of the hospital.
    I think this is a wonderful idea for the family. Dont forget Auntie Susan. God Bless you William "Liam" Lyon and the whole Lyon family plus aunts, uncles, grand mom's and grand dad's.

  8. Cathy and all of our supporters you are awesome!! To the troll we are in California living with Brody's parents because we sold everything we own. We just lost our son and my daughter has been through more than any child should have to. She watched her brother suffer and die. I understand your point to help others but how dare you try to put down our family when you know nothing about us. Yes we have received donations and support which we are truly grateful for but the donations went to bills. We didn't "waste" it. And so what if Chey got a great birthday and presents are you jealous of an 8 year old who lost her brother 12 days before her birthday? People were just trying to make her happy since they knew she would be sad to not send it with her brother. If you have anything negative leave our page an don't comment on our things. I truly hope you never have to go through the suffering we have all been through as a family. God bless you soul because you truly have a hardened heart. May god open you heart and eyes to something other than jealousy. And remember we never told anyone they had to do anything besides support our family or leave our page. And our supporters are doing this to make my daughter smile. She just lost her brother a little per a month.

  9. I'm quite saddened by the fact someone would make such a horrible post. There are millions of sick children in this world and you can't help all of them so you choose who you help in certain ways. Some I post thoughtful comments on their fb pages some I donate money some I send stuff to. As for little Liam I was hoping the see when I headed to Oklahoma again in December (and I'm so thankful I've gotten to see so many pictures before he passed) and since I don't get that chance and he has a place in my heart I will gladly donate to his family. Keep in mind anonymous it's not how many families you help it's the fact you just help and have a heart. And honestly if you look at that little man and his family and not want to help there is something wrong with you, not the rest of us. I'm not rich by any means but a few bucks never hurts to share to send a little girl and her family on a trip. Love to you all little Liam family.

  10. Wow is all I can say. I was absolutely blessed to meet this family and kiss that baby's cheek. This family has been the most unselfish family there is. Even when dealing with their own stuff they took time to share other babies stories and recruit for them all. I am grateful that there are people like them in this works. Liam is definitely the Lyon who changed the world. Love you little buddy

  11. I am not a troll. I lost my first born son. And I have daughter who has spent 14 months of her life in the hospital. She has also had 24 surgeries. We have been i in 5 different hospitals 2 different states plus a hospital overseas. I have 2 other kid who has seen what their sister has gone through and continues to go through.

  12. Plus she has a syndrome that so far no one can figure out. She has something that so far doesn't match up yet to anyone in the world. So we are at an unknown.. So far no one has been able to figure her out. S I am truly sorry for your loss. It is the worst feeling losing a child. I know I lost one and I hope I never lose another.

  13. Cathy you are a wonderful and generous person. I fully plan on honoring Liam's memory and supporting his family in any way I can. Thank you again for a selfless act!

  14. I to agree with the other anonymous. There have been many many fundraisers for this child and his family, internet donations, tee shirt sales, jewlery sales, some cyber race thing donations of $100.00-5000.00 accepted. Reading their site I have to wonder if the dad quit his job or was unemployed due to several layoffs in the area? There were dinners, car washes, fireworks stands all in my local area for them, have been since william was born. I also lost a child who has three siblings that watched him die of cancer. Nobody cared about the other kids, yet I didn't beg for anything. William had insurance that took care of his medical expenses,yes travel is expensive for that there were lots of donations. There are many kids and families that need assistance, some who don't have insurance yet. With
    Williams illness he had insurance and I would almost bet he was on ssi which he would have gotten a check with both parents unemployeed. Williams mom is going to college. I am tired of hearing about this, the family is not hero's as people like to depict, they did what parents should do as many many families do when they are given the news that their child is not as health as most, many of us have to bury our children that does not make us cold because we don't fall to the feet of Williams family or mean they are jealous. It means maybe that we know first hand what it is like and what it costs and the effects of families. My other kids went with out gifts on birthday's, christmas was slim due to their brothers illness was it fair? NO, it taught them that is what families do. My other kids remember to this day the morning their brother passed away. Yes, the family's lives will never be the same, as will the thousands of other people who have ill children. enough is enough on this family it is time to move on and help another child. This family is still making tons of money off their facebook site, posting new pictures it seems like to just to keep the site going and donations coming in . This past weekend they had some type of sporting event that they are planning on doing a yearly event for including tee shirt sales (must be a good money maker at $18.00 a shirt). I guess the goodness of people will continue to support this family for many years. I personally think they found a fatted calf and want to milk it for all they can. I saw one of the donations sites that said something to the effect: please any support you can give will be greatly appriciated (even prayers). the prayers in preenthecies are like an after thought and that is what William as well as the family needed the most. Prayers are what the I Love Liam facebook page was started for next thing you know it becomes a donation sale site. Prayers for the other kids. They were up to over 10,000 but have lost a couple thousand. I followed William when he was alive, felt for him and his family, and since his death have been rather repulsed on all the listings for donations. The kindness they had on posting other children and always requesting you put you were sent their from the I Love Liam seemed like a way to get people to go check out his page word of mouth is the best advertising.

    1. To clarify for other readers:

      The money raised from the game and t-shirts is generously donated to Ronald McDonald house, and this fundraiser is our business's idea to bring some joy into a family that has suffered the loss of a child.

    2. "...many of us have to bury our children that does not make us cold because we don't fall to the feet of Williams family or mean they are jealous. It means maybe that we know first hand what it is like and what it costs and the effects of families."

      No, burying your child does no make you cold. No, not falling at this family's feet doesn't make you cold.

      What does make you cold is the fact that you claim to KNOW what it feels like and yet you go around the internet spewing vileness. Perhaps, you should consider how nice it would have felt if someone had done this for your family, and if you still can't bring yourself to help, at least bring yourself to keep your negativity to yourself.

    3. You say its time to move on......It's been 1 month.... Cathy and I am sure many of her frikes help many others along with this family.... People don't have to agree but people should listen to what Ellen tells us at the end of every show...remember "Be kind to on another"

  15. Wow, this just looks like jealousy and resentment and over what? A child had to suffer and die to bring attention to this family, they are not acting like martyrs. So one kind person/organization steps in to help and you are upset and say move on? Why don't you move on... like to another page where you can spread your bitter and vile hatred where it belongs. It does NOT belong on a charity auction for a family who has been through a hell you claim you understand. So you didn't get a trip to Disney- sorry for you. What a thing to be hung up on. I'm sure they'd trade a Disney trip for a healthy Liam. Get a grip.

  16. After reading all the post I think what some of the negative people are saying is that the family did what they were supposed to do as a family of a sick child, there are and have been many donations, fund raisers and such for the family during the duration of the childs illness, yet ater death they continue and there are many other children out there that could use some help. I don't see jealousy or resentment, nor any of them asking for a trip. I do see them saying they don't undersatnd why a trip is in order when other parents and siblings have to do this everyday. No it isn't right for anybody to have to bury a child. There is nothing special about this family than there are the thousands of other families that go through a long term illness with their child and unforunately death becomes the outcome. I think what people are saying is help another child and their family maybe it could make a difference. There really have been an excessive amount of fundraisers since the death of this child and I think people are wondering why?

    1. Maybe because this child touched a lot of lives and they want to do good work in his memory

      Maybe because they experienced the suffering first hand, having met the family and want to give them some comfort

      Maybe because it's our business who we help, just like all of you who disagree have the right to mind your OWN business and go somewhere else.


      If there are others out there who need help, WHY DON'T YOU GO HELP THEM?

      Quit relying on the generosity of others and go start your own business helping people, THEN you can say who gets help at what time.

      Cathy is choosing to do this...if you don't like it, you don't have to view her page

  17. Thanks for all our supporters. And so you negative people arent so mean. Before you judge us walk in our shoes or atleast know why you are so upset and what you are talking about. The money we ask for and do fundraising for does NOT go to me or Brody. We have set up a foundation in honor of Liam to help other families out. Sorry you have a problem with our family but how dare you judge us. Brody lost his job and I am in school yes. Does that make us bad? We both are looking for jobs I actually start this afternoon at my job. No Liam didn't get ssi. Don't get mad at my daughter. Why are you so jealous? My main point is don't be griping when you don't know what you are talking about. Move on!!

    To those who love us. We love you all!! And are truly thankful for all of you. And yes prayers are a BIG deal to us as anyone who truly knows us knows.

  18. I have been patiently trying to remain professional with answering all the concerns where, in reality shouldn't be any. I finally have reached the point where I need to speak up.

    I am disgusted, saddened and upset at the people hiding behind the "anonymous" feature (which will soon change). If you took the time to look around our blog or our FB page, you will see ALL the families we have helped. You will see the causes we support!

    I have met this family. I have fallen in love with Liam, Chey and the rest of them while they spent some time in Boston Children's Hospital. I don't think I owe ANYONE an explanation why or who I chose to help in any way I chose to do it. The family wasn't aware I was doing this auction until recently. Instead of wasting your precious time to question WHY I am helping them and not others, take that time to pick a family to help. If I agree, I will support you. If not, I will pick another family and move on. I think this could be the beginning of a great thing. Use all that negative energy on helping a family that YOU see deserving. I will promise you that I will not question why them and not XXX.

    I am sorry to the Lyon family that have to see this hatred. I'm sorry to the rest of the amazing, supportive people that have supported them and also myself whenever I bring a family and cause to you.

    I hurt for the people that walk around with so much anger in their souls. I hope they will be able to release it and move forward to do good for another needy family.

    Please be kind with your words...their are people on the other side of the screen reading them!

  19. It's a good thing that Cathy has a big heart, a stubborn side to her, and a lot of people who understand why this is important because it must be awfully hard to dedicate almost every second of your free time toward an entirely non-profit business to have someone turn your kindness into THIS vile example of the WORST SIDE OF HUMANITY.

    How is it that what one person does with their business and their time, while supported by an enthusiastic and passionate staff, turns into something so horrible in your eyes? Why would any one person, let alone several, care when someone is being kind to someone else?

    "That is just what a family does" is probably the most pathetic and ignorant thing I've ever seen in regard to a child dying. Liam spent his life in and out of several hospitals, DYING. You do NOT UNDERESTIMATE THAT KIND OF THING by throwing around "well that's just how it is." No it is NOT normal for a sister to give up a year and a half of her life for the best interests of her brother when they are not even old enough to understand the sacrifices they are making and why. It is not just what you do, it is a loss of a piece of her childhood and innocence. I don't underestimate that a single bit. In my eyes, Chey and her family ARE heroes. Yes it is something I would do for one or all of my children, yes it is a sacrifice that in turn the rest of my children would have to make, but it would be one of the hardest things imaginable to choose between what is fair and what is best for all of them.

    I have been disgusted throughout knowing of this family by the way some people treat others. What has happened to humility and humanity? What in God's name would make someone flock here just to be ignorant and rude? Be positive. Stop hurting a family who has lost a child. You are not going to make anyone less passionate about the Lyon family by being hateful. Go do something productive. Help another family instead of expecting Cathy to take on all your causes for you. Do your own legwork. And if you're not going to, then quite frankly, shut up about what other people ARE willing to do.

    You also might want to check out the newest listing, because karma is a good thing to remember in times like these.

  20. It is just what you do when you have a sick child you do what you can everything you can, yes, if other kids are involved you have to make tough decisions. You don't become a hero, you don't become anything special you have to go on with life. There is no plaque, there is no hero status for us parents or other children of families who have done eveything in their power to do the best we can for our children who are born with terrible illnesses, and we ultimately end up burying them. Sad many children never see their home, many are in hospitals for months at a time, some mom's are pregnant sitting by the bedside of their severly ill child not having the money to eat with, nobody asks for this it is an experience no family should have to endure but many do, and do not expect nor want a prize at the end as they did what they should have done. People call it jealous, I don't think anybody on here is jealous, just not understanding what all the fundraisers are for. When you do a search everything states to help the family and most recently the foundation, yet there is nothing that says what the foundation is for or what it will do, a central facebook page that tells about other kids and gives links to their pages? Is that the foundation? I think some people are feeling there is a sense of goodness being taken advantage and so many others that need help. Some maybe parents who are trying to figure out how they can be at their childs bedside. It's not an easy walk in life when one of your children are terminally ill, and you have to make the decision for gas money to be at the childs side or shoes for the sister knowing the one child has a limited time left on. I think some may be screaming for some help?

  21. Cathy,
    You are amazing. Don't ever forget that. You keep on doing what you are doing and remember so many people love you. You do not have to apologize to anyone for who you are or for what you do.


  22. I don't understand why I have to validate why I chose the Lyon family (or any other family before or after them) to run an auction for, donate or heck, even hand them over all my personal savings. This is something I AM choosing to do during my free time, which is very limited with a full time job, a jewelry business and a 7 year old.

    I am walking the SGK walk in July. Does anyone have the right to tell me not to walk for cancer cause they get enough recognition and money. I should be walking for *insert your cause here*?

    I understand that so many families are in need. I understand they are crying for help and anyone that knows me knows how hard it is not to be able to help each one but for the love of God, stop questioning me why I choose who I choose.

    The Lyon family did not ask for this nor where they aware of my intentions.

    I refuse to give in to the negativity because this is not what Cathy's Creations is. Our motto, which was something my mom instilled in me is "If you can help, help wholeheartedly. If not, walk away"