Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Blog Rules

"If you can help, help wholeheartedly. If not, turn and walk away."- Sofia

We would like to take a moment to explain some changes in how blogs will work now and in the future.

Anonymous posting has been disabled. We feel that all blog entries should be of such a nature that the person posting them is willing to put their name on them. Your words are a reflection of your beliefs and we respect opinions of all varieties. We will not tolerate, however, any criticisms posted on blogs that harass, bully, berate, or otherwise harm families, individuals, or any person highlighted in our blog or otherwise.

As a business that strives constantly to raise awareness for causes and stories that touch people’s lives, we are more than willing to accept any and all suggestions for how we can help someone in need. Our goal is to turn our hard work into success for others and to give back in any way possible; more than a goal, really… this is our pride. It brings us joy to help someone, whether it be something crucial like making sure their bills are paid so they don’t go without a home/heat/food or medications, or whether it be something some may consider trivial like a trip to Disneyland that adds joy to the life of someone we feel deserves it.

To us, the point is not that we have changed every life, but that every life is inspired by us and wishes to become better along with us. “Be the change” is another motto we live by. You can not change the world by complaining about it, sitting on your hands, or turning the other cheek. What may seem insignificant for a cause for you could be a passion for us. We have spent countless hours helping people, sometimes thanklessly, because it felt right. When we choose to honor a family with our support, whether or not people agree with our choice, we ask for respect.

Hopefully the new regulations for the blog will be understood and followed to prevent any future issues.

Thank you for your time and as always, thank you for your continuous support! We have some awesome Frikes!

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  1. AGREED! Thank you for all you, your fabulous minions and all the Frikes do! I send a hug out to each and every one of you. Because of you all, I strive to do and be better EVERYDAY!