Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Right church, wrong pew...

Sometimes it's a smell . Sometimes it's a sound. Today it was a sight. The sight of my little guys school. Memories came flooding back.

You see, I have a 22 year old that attended the same school. I went to the "Junior High" right next door that shared the same cafeteria. The same cafeteria that we had our "school dances". Memories all came back from my childhood and my oldest sons....

The most cherished memory is walking outside the school back to the car. I can see my mom and dad picking up my first born because I was working. I can see my mom packing a treat to bring to school to give him when she picked him up. I can also see her walking up to the wrong child, giving him a big hug and kiss and handing him a bag of M&M's, as my first born watched his grandmother from afar.

She never did take back the bag of M&M's but instead stopped of at the store and pick up a new bag for her own grandson...

Right church, wrong pew...mom...

Miss you <3


  1. That is awesome!!! How old are you in this pic?! You look like 12!

  2. Aw, that is so sweet! :)

    Hope he had a great day Cathy.

  3. sweet story, Cathy!
    LOVE YOU BACK!! xxoo

  4. I have several friends with wonderfully loving humorous stories who ought to be writing a book... and you are DEFINITELY one of those ladies!!