Sunday, November 21, 2010

Diabetes Awareness Giveaway!

Congratulations, Winners! Please email me your mailing address at!

It seems like the title of every post has an exclamation point lately. Well, those of you who aren't fond of exclamation points will just have to deal, because we've had some exciting stuff going on here at Cathy's Creations lately, and today is no exception!

Let's talk diabetes for a minute.

Diabetes is a disease in which the body is unable to produce or unable to properly use and store glucose (a form of sugar). Glucose backs up in the bloodstream — causing one’s blood glucose or "sugar" to rise too high.

There are different types of diabetes with different challenges, but the bottom line is, we need a cure.

We're doing our part by offering awesome t-shirts to anyone who donates to the American Diabetes Association. (See this post for more information.)

We're still selling our Diabetes Awareness Bracelet in our shop with all proceeds benefiting the American Diabetes Association.

But now, it's time for a giveaway!!!

Here are our offerings this week:

A fabulous ring from yours truly:
Winner: Harmony Wells!

A $15 itunes gift card, donated by George who originated
in my uterus (and yes, that is an actual picture of my actual uterus):
Winner: Kimberly!

1 print from MJ at MJAB Images
Winner: Gary!

Another fantastic hat from the lovely Jill Bernstein:
Winner: Erin~Leigh!

These lovely earrings, handmade by Frike Nicole Bertrand:
Winner: Sharon!

2 sets of 6 sugar-free chocolate dipped Oreos
from Jackie from The Sweet Spot Bakery
Winner: Annette!

And last but certainly not least, a wonderfully generous Frike,
Robyn Bridson, has a son who was recently diagnosed with diabetes,
so this cause is close to her heart. She has donated two items for this giveaway:

First, an amazing puppet from Apricus Designs (his name is "Frike"):
Winner: Lolo Langstons!

And second, this beautiful hat for a baby newborn - 4 months old
made from Alpaca wool, by Smith Family Alpacas
Winner: Christine!

Thank you, Robyn, for your generosity.
We know you need a cure more than any of us!

Thanks to all the wonderful artists who have donated items for giveaway! And now to the good stuff:

To enter, comment on this post! That's it. We'd especially love to hear of any experiences with diabetes, so if you have one, share it.

I will be drawing winners at 7pm Eastern time on Tuesday, November 30th. Good luck!


  1. Another cause close to my heart. My dad had diabetes, as did his mother and my mom is borderline. All the items are wonderful as are those donating them :)

    Jennifer Labor

  2. You do such amazing things, I am so proud to call you a friend

  3. Love this giveaway!

    My husband has Type 1 Diabetes. He was diagnosed at the age of 16. He has to do about 6 injections a day between his two insulin's, and test his blood sugar countless times. He has a very restricted/limited diet, and he has a very hard time mustering up an appetite. Low blood sugar episodes are TERRIFYING!His diabetes has also caused him extreme depression, which is common in many diabetics.

    Bottom line, Diabetes sucks big time!

  4. Linda S
    Wow, you are amazing along with all those that donate to the causes which are dear to everyones heart!! John has type 2 and got it when he was 40. His mother is type 1 and has serious health issues caused by the diabetes!!

  5. I have type II diabetes and had gestational diabetes with both my kids, well I had the first, guess I put the horse before the cart!

  6. Another great cause, my friend.

    This one is a big deal to us, as one of Maddie's "besties" was diagnosed Type 1 at 3 years old. We have watched her learn how to manage things and get used to life with her insulin pump over the years and we just love her to pieces.

  7. This runs in my mother's family. My mother doesn't have it though, not yet anyway. I had mild gestational diabetes (no need for insulin or special diet, just cut out sugars) when I was pregnant with Adelynne and I can't imagine trying to survive longer than 20 weeks on anything sugar-free. lol. Thank you for doing this.

  8. Awesome as usual! I LOVE exclamation points! They keep me awake!
    That hat on that baby (and the baby) is amazing! (and everything else is beautiful too!) My brother is in the early dx stage... I believe he is modifying diet to keep symptoms at bay. Not sure of the particulars, but I agree -

  9. I had an aunt/cousin (long story) who had diabetes. It was always interesting to me to watch her check you levels and give herself insulin when she was visiting.

  10. Beautiful selection from a wonderful group of people. And organized by someone equally wonderful.

    My grandfather, an uncle, and a childhood friend all are/have lived with this disease. Awareness is dear to me since my Grandfather died due to complications of the disease.

    (If you draw my name please draw again as I have already received something during a previous draw.)

  11. Wow...I am always shocked by the talent and generosity of your frikes. Lovely work ladies!

  12. My Father is a diabetic, as is my aunt (dads sister). His Mother was a diabetic also but she passed away.

    I have had gestational diabetes a few of my pregnancies. During my GD pregnancies I had to poke my finger 5 x's a day and take meds, watch my diet, it was a huge pain in the rear to do. It was very hard for me to keep under control even after following all the directions from my DR. I ended up with some super mega sized babies (11 Lbs 2 oz born 3 weeks early and 12 Lbs 3 oz born on the due date). Thankfully they are healthy now but they had problems with their sugar levels at birth and was told they could end up with a blood transfusion if we couldn't get their sugar levels regulated. Not something you want to hear right after birth.

    I know my chances are higher for developing diabetes later in life. I want a cure for this horrible disease! Thank you for the awareness and also to the other frikes for donating their lovely work.

    Sandra Unangst

  13. Let me start off by saying that you posted this at 3:33 and 3 is my favorite number...just saying! LOL

    I had gestational diabetes in the 2nd 1/2 of my pg. So it wasn't a huge suprise to my doctor that I was dianoised with diabetes 3 years ago. Its been a long road, one that I fully didn't understand until recently. I'm happy to say that I am finally taking REAL CONTROL of my health, and I will beat diabetes!!! (Type 2 is what I have)
    Thanks for all that you do!!!

  14. I guess my family is full of problems. -_- My mom has diabetes, and a couple of my uncles. One of my uncles so bad they're thinking of taking his leg. I know I need to get my health in check before I go down that same road.

  15. My brother-in-law has diabetes. I hope a cure comes soon. Thanks, Dawn

  16. Those are awesome give aways for a great cause!

  17. Another great set of giveaways! My dad has diabetes, as well as my aunt.

  18. Diabetes runs in my family, my Grandpa has it on my Mom's side & my Grandma has it on my Dad's side. Also both Me & my Mom have been tested & the doctor told us to watch or weight, eat healthy, etc. to help prevent us from having to take insulin when we get older.

  19. My Grandmother has Diabetes, it also runs in my fiances side of the family. I just hope my son doesn't get it...

  20. Thanks for raising awareness!!

  21. Love all of it, you do amazing work!

  22. It runs on my wife side of the family

  23. Wow, another week of so many giving, kind hearts! Diabetes has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I remember as a small child my Granny telling my Grandaddy "Hot your hands June!" That was her way of telling him to rub his hands together and get them ready for his daily blood sugar check--then he gave himself an injection. Later my Granny would go on to need insulin daily too. Fast forward to today my mother is diabetic controlled with diet and oral medication, my aunt is diabetic controlled with insulin, medication, and diet, and my husband is a diabetic--Type 2 and tries to keep it under control with insulin and medication. Today particularly has been a scary day--his "normal" range is in the mid 100s, although 120 is a healthy "normal" today he was at 435--this is scary to a wife. I pray that this disease can soon be cured.

  24. Diabetes is my greatest medical fear. It just seems like it is something that I will be getting. Three of my four grandparents, both of my parents and my sister and I both had gestational diabetes.

    Danielle Hunt

  25. My grandpa had diabetes. I always used to watch him check his blood levels as a kid, every afternoon/evening. I really didn't know what diabetes was, until I was older. I just knew he couldn't eat cookies or candy and he always used to give me his :)

  26. My FIL had Diabetes. I am pretty sure my husband does as well but he is being very stubborn and refuses to see a doctor. My FIL died from complications (long story but his Diabetes contributed)

    As usual a great cause and you are a good egg(and you seem to attract other good eggs!) for raising even more awareness for the things that affect so many people on a daily basis!

  27. My grandmother had diabetes, I am always trying to limit sweets in our family.
    My Dad recently found out he was hypoglycimic(sp)
    and has to monitor is blood sugar everyday

  28. again I am floored by the generosity I see on this site and with so many amazing people. My sister in law was diagnosed a few years back and it was quite touchy as we almost lost her. She is a single mom, has 4 kids and keeps them and herself going all the time. Bless you Cathy and all other Frikes!!!!!!!

  29. <3 <3 <3 We WILL find a Cure!! <3 <3 <3

    Thank you Cathy and my fellow Frikes for raising awareness for such a great cause.

  30. BTW if my name is drawn please pick another name. I just wanted to post my appreciation on your blog but have recently won a prize in a previous awareness drawing of yours. As a mother of a type 1 diabetic from the bottom of my heart I thank you!<3

  31. ummm...first of all, I do not want to comment to win anything. I just want to say that I think you are amazing at what you do to raise awareness for this!! My mother-in-law died from this diesease (but she did live to be 82). And I have a friend that has been disabled at a fairly young age because of diabetes (sp). Disability pay does not come close to what these folks need to pay their I help her out by handcrafting items, like Cathy, and giving her the money to support herself. God Bless You Cathy for what you do!!!!

  32. Beautiful giveaway from some beautiful hearts! Thanks for helping to raise awareness! I have spent many years doing fund raising for Juvenille Diabetes through my sorority...awful disease!

  33. Wow Cathy you never cease to axe me with your generosity!!!

    My family is touched by diabetes on both sides so it is a cause very close to my heart! Both my father and step-father are diabetics as well as various other family members. I have a regular payroll deduction (matched dollar for dollar by my employer) to the Canadian Diabetes Association and 3 other charities which personally affect my life.

  34. Beautiful items!! My ex's mother is diabetic. Before I lost weight I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and was on medications for it. But with eating "right" and exercising I am no longer living with it, but it is still in the back of my mind that it could easily come back. Again O'Grady your wonderful!

    Jenn W

  35. It is so lovely to see all these donations from other frikes! And of course all the work you do Cathy. The only diabetic experience I have is a messed up glucose test and man testing and the diet are tough.

  36. Oh Cathy, you are so generous with yoru giveaways.

    I, personally, do not have diabetes, though it runs in both my mother and father's family and I have been tested many times, starting as a child when I use to pass out often with no real reason. My grandmother (dad's mom) has had diabetes since before I could remember and my mom's parents both developed it later in life. My grandfather learned of his diabetes when he had a bout of Congestive heart failure and in the midst of the workup from that, they realized his sugar levels were off. The poor man suffered with all the complications from diabetes that affected his nerves, especially in his feet which caused him to stumble about. He was stubborn and near 60 when it developed so we really had to bother him about what he was eating and teach him that eating a half-gallon of ice cream in two days was NOT good. My grandmother, his wife, is following in his diabetic footsteps, developing it after she was in her 60s. She at least was use to the "sugar-free" baking and such due to taking care of her husband for so many years, but it's often a struggle.

  37. I am so happily overwhelmed at the support you're giving diabetes this month! Hits very close to home for me. My mom was diagnosed with Type 1 when she was 26... which is pretty rare, type 1 usually gets diagnosed much earlier. She has fought this disease for 21 years now, so I have definitely done my homework. I know that my chances are slim of avoiding this disease, it will likely strike me at some point. I just hope that a cure is found so that my children and their children don't have to go through what my mom and many other members of my family are going through!

  38. Another amazing cause! So many family members and friends have diabetes. Thank you Cathy for bringing this awareness that is so needed!

  39. Thanks for all you do to raise awareness, Cathy!! My husband was diagnosed with diabetes earlier this year, and we are still learning so much. I'm heading off to the ADA to donate now - something I've been meaning to do anyway, thanks for the push. :)

  40. Diabites run's in both mine & my wifes group, you don't see many people raising awarness for it. GOOD FOR YOU!

  41. Romig1981: Such a great cause, how awesome!

  42. I didn't get to actually post in time but I just wanted to thank you for doing so many things for Diabetes Awareness. I was diagnosed when I was two years old, four days before my mom gave birth to my sister. I'm now almost eighteen and this past July was my fifteenth year anniversary. It's definitely a hard disease to live with but I'm grateful that I can control it and can live a regular teenaged life. It was hard when I was younger because the pump wasn't created yet, but it made me who I am today.

    I've been through over 41,000 finger pricks, over 6,800 shots, 8 seizures and countless highs and lows throughout my life.

    Thank you so much for raising awareness for Diabetes. With your help we can be one step closer to finding the cure for Diabetes :)

  43. Allie-
    My son was diagnosed at 2 just 4 days before I had his sister Ava. Wow, I got chills when I read your post. It has been a little over 15 months since my son James was diagnosed.
    If you read this Allie please e-mail Cathy your email address. I want start my 25 days of giving to buy you Cathy's diabetes bracelet if you don't already have it. <3 Stay strong Allie! We WILL find a cure!!!
    Please send me a message when you get Allie's address and I will make arrangements to get her a bracelet.
    Robyn Bridson

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