Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mo- Mo- Movember wrap-up!

Remember our Canadian friend Al? He shaved on October 31st and then let his mustache grow and grow and grow to raise money for prostate cancer research! Let's look at his progression.

Through the month, we all had the chance to donate to Movember Canada,
which benefits Prostate Cancer Canada

Each person who donated was entered in a drawing to win this
beautiful bracelet! (Each chance was $2.)

Thanks to some amazing Frikes, we will be sending a check for $200
to Al's Movember fund. Way to go, Frikes!

Random.org determined that the winner
of the bracelet is the lovely Sherri Taft!

And since I know you're all dying to see what our friend Al
looks like after one month's growth, feast your eyes on THIS!

Thanks to Al and everyone who donated!


  1. Ahahahah LOVE the photo! I can't believe I won! *giggle*

  2. Congrats, Sherri! Nice work, Al!!!