Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy November!

I'm so excited for the great month of causes and giveaways we have lined up! Here's an overview:

Week 1: Epilepsy Awareness
Week 2: Lung Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer Awareness
Weeks 3-4: Diabetes Awareness

I will be doing giveaways each week, but I want them to have more meaning than just giving stuff away, so I've decided to make a blog button for the charity I support related to each cause. When you click on this button (which will be on the top right as soon as I get it done) you will be able to donate to these wonderful causes. You don't have to donate to be entered to win the giveaways, but each donation (large or small) will be worth 5 extra chances to win.

Also, I will be donating $25 to each charity to show my support this month. Let's get the word out and help find cures for these diseases!

Tomorrow I'll be posting about the giveaway prizes for this week, and how you can enter! (You better be on the edge of your seat until then!)


  1. Your button idea is an AWESOME idea! You done good my friend! I cant wait to see how awesome this is going to become!
    Wonder what I could find in my Avon arsenal to give? I must start looking! :)
    GOD Bless

  2. With all of your wonderful cause awareness dedication, you are gonna make national news yet! I'll be seeing you on Good Morning America in no time!

    Great idea for the contribution button!
    You're frawesome!

  3. Just let me know what you need. :) If you run out of giveaways, I'm happy to dig something else out. <3

  4. Heart of pure gold, I am proud to be a FRIKE that is for sure!!

  5. Oh Cathy...you are simply frabulous! I lost my aunt almost 11 years ago to Pancreatic cancer. She had 1 month and 3 days from diagnosis till death. I miss her daily, but she had a good run. Ty for raising awareness for this.

    I simply <3 you!