Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Anne Marie Murphy

Our fourteenth random act of kindness for the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy was made in the memory of Anne Marie Murphy, age 52, a teacher's aide and special education teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Anne Marie touched the nation as news reports flooded in to share the story that she had wrapped her arms around young Dylan Hockley and cradled him as they were shot multiple times. Dylan, a young boy with autism, had adored Anne Marie so much that his family kept a photo of her on their fridge. She was his teacher and in their final moments, his comfort.

In Anne Marie's memory, Cathy generously allowed me to present an iPad to my own special needs child's former preschool. Part of the money used to purchase the iPad was donated by Jamie, a teacher and single mother who was so touched by the acts of kindness that she began to set aside money to help rather than purchase coffee and lunches out for herself. Thank you, Jamie, for helping to make a difference!

Each act of kindness is equally touching and important, but being able to participate in the giving and sharing and to honor Anne Marie by presenting a gift to a teacher who has helped so profoundly change the life of my son for the better was incredible. I wish to sincerely thank Cathy, Jamie, the Cathy's Creations staff, and all of the Frikes for making things like this possible.

I made the decision to contact the local news to cover this story, and thankfully they agreed that it was worth sharing! It was an honor to bring attention to this beautiful and uplifting project, and to Special Children's Friends.

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