Monday, January 14, 2013

Jessica Rekos

Our twelfth random act of kindness for the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy was made in the memory of Jessica Rekos, age 6, a little girl whose passion for horses was almost an obsession. It was what she cared to read books and watch movies about, and she loved to draw pictures and write stories about horses. She anxiously awaited her 10th birthday, when her parents promised her she could have a horse of her own.

For Christmas, Jessica had asked for pink cowboy boots.

In trying to honor Jessica's memory, the request for those unique pink boots stood out. When searching for children's sized pink cowboy boots, Cathy happened upon a company that sold them and went to investigate their Facebook page. It was then that she noticed a friend had liked that page. Upon speaking to that friend about the company and the boots, she happened to ask if the woman's daughter owned a pair of the boots. The woman said that the boots were out of the price range of her budget, and that's when Cathy offered to purchase the boots for the woman's daughter, in memory of Jessica.

The recipient of this act of kindness is a child, and because of the sensitivity of the issues surrounding this project, we felt it was not our place to present a letter.