Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jesse Lewis

Our twenty-fourth random act of kindness for the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy honors the memory of Jesse Lewis, age 6, who loved pretending to be a farmer and tending to a toy horse on his lawn. He played soccer and enjoyed sports; his father describes him as a brave, loving boy and says that young Jesse was credited by authorities with trying to lead other children out of the school building.

In Jesse's honor, we are donating a set of toy horses to the Speech Language Pathology department at All Children's Hospital in Florida. This was lovingly suggested to us by our friend Dana, whose mother also had a passion for horses and whose son underwent therapy in this facility. Dana noted that there was a need for more toys in these offices to help children. Thank you, Dana, for helping us find a great home for these toys to honor Jesse.


  1. Thank you for this incredible act of kindness on behalf of my precious son Jesse. I hope that you received so much from this loving gift yourself. Bless you, Scarlett - Jesse's Mama

  2. Jesse Lewis:
    May his memory be eternal!