Monday, October 4, 2010

Daily Winners of "Save Second Base" tshirts

I will be posting the daily winners on this blog post. I have disabled the ability to comment so I can keep track of all winners. I will be contacting you via FB for your size and address. Good Luck and don't forget to keep posting on my FB page to qualify.

Monday- October 4th- Katrina Allaire Duggan!!!
Tuesday- October 5th - Turner Ruth!!
Wednesday- October 6th- Montana Lands Mullins
Thursday - October 7th - Amanda Hoffman Cavanaugh
Friday- October 8th - Jenifer Wilson Fiorenza
Saturday- October 9th - Ashley Graybill
Sunday- October 10th - Maya Gingold Weissensee
Monday, October 11th - Jennifer Labor and bonus Jen Fortenberry for completing the Susan G Komen 3 Day Walk!
Tuesday- October 12th - Melissa Dreesman
Wednesday - October 13th - Cori Conz
Thursday- Oct 14th - Robyn Bridson
Friday - Oct 15th - Jessica Mefferd
Saturday- Oct 16th - Natalie Wahl
Sunday- Oct 17th- Suzanne Benner
Monday - Oct 18th - Kimberly Chambers
Tuesday- Oct 19th - Andrea Davis Baker
Wednesday - Oct 20th - Julie Jasman Quartz
Thursday- Oct 21st - Stephanie Stussman
Friday Oct 22nd - Lori Ebel
Saturday, Oct 23rd - Judy Neyman
Sunday, Oct 24th - Heather Sharpe
Monday - Oct 25th - Lindsey VanHouten
Tuesday - Oct 26th - Krista Vajgrt White
Wednesday - Oct 27th - Kimberly Marie Douglas
Thursday - Oct 28th - Gretchen Henry
Friday - Oct 29th - Ruth Wilson
Saturday- Oct 30th - Linda Silva
Sunday - Oct 31st - Sherri Taft
Anne-Marie Safford
Bethany Dias
Nancy Bryant
Cora White