Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Save Second Base Giveaway EXTRAVAGANZA!

It's so sad to see October come to an end; I've had so much fun doing giveaways in the name of Breast Cancer awareness. We'll have to find more causes to celebrate in the future.

To celebrate the culmination of all the giveaways, along with the T-shirt a day giveaway, I've contacted my awesome friend Jackie at The Sweet Spot to create some delicious items for us. (Go, look at her page and "like" her. Go now, I'll wait here.)

First off, I will choose one person per day to receive 3 sets of these Cake Ball Boobs (that's the technical term, just in case you were wondering)! Don't they look delectable?

3 sets of boobs. One winner. Every day. You know you want in on that.

Second, look at these amazing chocolate-dipped oreos with pink Breast Cancer awareness ribbons! One person per day will win 6 of these babies. I'm salivating just looking at them.

All you have to do to be considered is visit the Cathy Creations facebook fan page and comment on any of my status updates or write on my wall. Feel free to comment more than once, but each person who comments will be entered just once per day. Check back each evening for winners, and make sure to comment every day to be entered!

And don't forget to visit The Sweet Spot fan page and The Sweet Spot Blog. Jackie's stuff is amazing.


  1. cake ball boobs - LOL!
    you are the SWEETEST thing!!

  2. I second that! The sweetest ever!

  3. chocolate covered oreo's are the best, especially at time of the month lol and the bobbies look good to lol

  4. cake ball boobs...awesome! that makes me giggle. hehehehe