Friday, October 22, 2010

Giving Frikes.....


And the winners..yes, plural.

Stacie donated 2 of these purses...surprise!!

Jacki Earnest Nielsen

April May June
(We know you are in the witness protection program but we know who you are!)

Please email me at cogrady2003@ (without the space) with your mailing address.
Congratulation to both of you and a big
THANK YOU to Stacie Lemieux

I have been contacted by many amazing and talented Frikes that would love to donate one of their creations. They ask nothing from me. I feel that the least I can do is promote their page and beautiful creations.

Yesterday I was contacted by one of the Frikes, Stacie Lemieux. Stacie has much talents, one of them is making gorgeous children but the other is sewing very pretty purses. She offered to donate one because she was moved with all the outpouring this page has seen lately. Stacie doesn't have a fan page to promote or an Etsy site. She is donating a purse in honor of all the loved ones we have lost to breast cancer. For the awareness that comes from us..not some actor.

We all make a difference...thank YOU Stacie for being one of our Frikes with a huge heart!


  1. Stacie, that come out great! I love seeing so many hand made treasures! :)

  2. That's just awesome...pure awesomeness.

  3. *****Happy dance*****

    Yay, I am so excited! Thank you Stacie! And Cathy... you are one amazing woman, I love reading your posts daily! :)

  4. Thanks for doing all the leg work for me Cathy! :oP

    Congrats Jackie and April, they'll be in the mail on Monday!! (I only just finished the first one last night, the second should be finished today)


  5. *tear* I have seen so many great things this month. Cathy, you have good Frikes!