Sunday, December 4, 2011

Chainmaille Giveaway!

Hello Frikes! How are you today?

We are doing fantastic! Why, you may ask? Well, that’s because so far, our December DOTD donations have been able to help EIGHT families have a happier holiday season! The overwhelming outpouring of generosity among you all is incredible. Some of you donated extra money, or paid for a bracelet for us to give away at our discretion to another person. This is exactly what the holiday season is about- doing what you can to help whoever you can, big or small! We appreciate all the efforts.

For those who can’t participate in DOTD for financial reasons, we understand! All of our Frikes are important to us and we value and appreciate you all. Without your fan base and loving support, this would not be possible. You continue to inspire us to do what we do every day!

For those who missed DOTD but are interested in purchasing a bracelet seen in the album, let us know. We can almost always recreate the bracelet of your choice, so try us! Although the prices will vary from those seen on DOTD, we do our best to keep our bracelets high quality and affordable, so please feel free to at least inquire about prices.

The DOTD items that did not sell last night are going to be re-listed today and the proceeds from these bracelets will go to purchasing travel sized toiletries for Rosie’s House, a women’s shelter in Boston.

Now- onto something exciting! You all have been giving (and hopefully can tell us some fantastic ways you have been giving to others in the spirit of our 25 Days of Giving), and now we’d like to give back. Who is ready for a GIVEAWAY?!

As you may know, we have a beautiful new chainmaille bracelet available on the website, which features customizable charms. Many people have expressed an interest in this bracelet, and we are willing to give some away!

We will give away up to four chainmaille bracelets, with up to two customized charms per bracelet. And winning them is easy-peasy!

Here’s what you have to do… We’re on a mission to help as many people as possible this holiday season, and build a fan base of dedicated Frikes who can help us reach this goal. So, we need more people! And we all know that YOU know people.


On your Facebook or in your blog, share the link to Cathy’s Creations on Facebook. Ask your friends to join and become Frikes.

It doesn’t matter how you spread the word- Facebook, your blog, word of mouth… what matters is that they join. It’s as simple as that!

So- how do you know when we are going to give bracelets away? Well, we have 2,958 Frikes right now, so, to kick things off for you, when we reach 3,000, we will give one bracelet away. We will number all Frikes in the order they show up on our list, as displayed on our end by Facebook, and then we will use to select the number of the first winner!

After that, you are going to have to up the ante! We want 3,300 Frikes by the end of the contest, so you know what that means. The next three drawings will take place at increments of 100. Which means at 3,100, at 3,200, and finally at 3,300, we will do drawings in the same way. New Frikes who come are more than welcome to participate!

We are really hoping to see the numbers take off. If this is a big success, we have more up our sleeves. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and impress us!


  1. Zane Sigala sent me- jeana daniels

  2. Zane Sigala sent me over to like the page- Karolynn Lorelli-Dudley

  3. I don't want to see the number hit 3100 or 3200, I want to see it hit 4000 then 5000 then upward from there! Cathy is way too amazing to not reach as many lives as possible!!

    Love you tons!!
    Mary G

  4. Cathy,
    You and your FRIKES are AMAZING. I know I am one of them too, but I am one that was on the helping end of all of this. Thank you for helping make our holiday a little easier. And for giving me a renewed sense of good in this world.