Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Well, it’s almost 2012, which means that now that the holidays have ended, it’s time for 44% of Americans to make a promise to themselves that they may or may not keep- otherwise known as the New Year’s resolution.

Many people choose something along the lines of quitting smoking (cough, cough), losing weight (especially after a few cookie exchange parties), or breaking a bad habit (did you swear when you read that one?) 78% of New Year’s resolutions meet a bitter end, and fail.

Research has proven that most people are able to succeed in their goals if they start small and reward themselves for their effort as they go, breaking one large resolution into more achievable victories. Self-help experts agree, adding in that those who shared their resolutions with others were more successful.

So, we ask you- what are your plans for reformation in the New Year? What will 2012 bring for you? January 1st is right around the corner! Please share in your comments your hopes for how the coming year will look for you. What is on your horizon?

Many people, when asked how they feel about the coming of the next year, will say that they hope it will be a better year than the last. On this note, we invite you to look at life as a series of choices. We are all part of a greater whole, and we can all make a difference, both for ourselves and others. This year, we were so blessed to see the love, generosity, and kindness of others shine through in words and actions on our page. It simply cannot be adequately expressed that these things are what makes the world go around. We are capable of great things. Making a positive difference in the life of another person is something we can all do, every day. If you resolve to do nothing else this New Year’s, please at least make the promise to yourself that you will use your place in this world to make the day brighter for at least one person, once, somehow. The act of giving something as simple as a smile or as generous as a donation to a worthy cause extends beyond the one moment we are in. Loving another, a friend or stranger, is a gift that lives on forever.

In life sometimes we are left with only memories, which impact our every day choices in many ways. The example of caring, genuine and heartfelt giving, and continuous and open kindness, lives on forever in those who are touched by it and those who witness it. It is what makes the experience of life a worthwhile journey. We have had many people thank us for what we do, and we want it to be known that above all else, what we are doing is simply spreading a message. If you can, then do. What we hope to achieve is about more than money; it is about the ability to gather together a group of people who can, and become their resource for doing. Do not discount your role in the wonderful things that we simply host. We cannot say it enough- we are thankful for you.

It is our hope that your New Year will be spectacular, and that every choice you make will guide you to a happier, more pleasant life. Please, have a safe and happy New Year. See you in 2012!


  1. my New Years Resolution is to Quit smoking. It is going to take time, as soon as Alyssa is put back on her meds and I am not pulling my hair out when I don't know what to do so I can calm her. I go to the Dr tomorrow to get the meds for myself to quit smoking. Now that I am away from the abusive relationship and am no longer homeless I think it will be easier this year. I also resolve to help when possible with the DOTD and get an Autism Braclet to show my support for Alyssa and all people affected by Autisim!!! <3

  2. I have a few "goals" for 2012. One is to lose weight, which I know is common, but I would like to no longer carry "baby weight" since my son will be 2 in April. Another is to stay organized at home, which is the first place things get let go for me. I'm off to a good start having time off after Christmas, so I hope that will give me the boost I need to keep it up.

  3. Beautiful post, Cathy. My goal for the upcoming year is simply to do a better job of 'living in the moment'. To be more grateful and give more. I'm hoping the rest will take care of itself!

    I wish you a great year!

  4. I have the same goals as Amanda does!!! With three boys, a husband, two dogs & two cats.. things just never seem to get or stay organized!

    24 pounds gone so far.. I'd like to keep moving in the right direction with that as well!

    Thank you for this post..
    Thank you for everything you do..
    YOU are making a difference, because without YOU, we wouldn't be doing what we're doing!
    We Thank YOU!
    You are an inspiration to us all!

    Hugs and Loves in 2012!
    GOD Bless

  5. To take from a song, live like you are dying....and in essence we really all are, I want to be remembered not as someone famous but by my friends and family for being an impact.
    I have the usual lose weight, get in shape, stay on top of everything goals too :)

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