Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Us Giveaway!

Hello Frikes! Happy 2012 to you!

We hope you all had a safe and wonderful New Year’s celebration! How are your resolutions coming along? Sure it’s only the first day, but sometimes that’s the hardest one of them all! Remember to take it all one step at a time and celebrate all the smaller accomplishments along the way.

We have our own resolution here at Cathy’s Creations and since research shows that involving friends ensures greater success, we want to celebrate it with you! If you’ve been shopping our website long, you will notice that things have slowed down lately, and we think it’s time to change that. Our plan for 2012 is to stay on top of the site, adding inventory to enhance your shopping experience and provide you with more options.

To help us kick start our resolution and get things going immediately, we are asking for your help. It’s time for a contest giveaway! We need your help making a new regular inventory bracelet. So, browse through what we already have on our site… and then submit your original idea, whether it is patterns, colors, charms, sets, you name it, and we will pick a winner! The winner will be given a regular inventory creation of their choice from our website, and their winning bracelet will be created and featured for sale on our website! The more details the better, so we can truly create the bracelet of your dreams. Get to thinking, Frikes! You are all eligible for a win.

Here’s the breakdown:

-Look at the bracelets we already have to get inspired, or to see what we can do! (Also, keep in mind what you might choose if you win! It’s like shopping for ideas and for free jewelry all at once!)

-Invent your own design and name it. The winner’s bracelet will not only have their own design but the name of their choice!

-Submit a drawing or a detailed description of the bracelet you’d love to see on our site by replying to this blog below, in the comments section. Please remember that if you post anonymously, you must leave contact information so we can reach you if you win!

That’s all you have to do!

Please note that this contest is asking you to submit ideas for regular inventory bracelets only, and not for cause bracelet nominations. If you have a cause bracelet nomination, please contact us for more details.

We must also limit the eligible prize bracelets to those that are in regular inventory only- this includes anything you see in our store that is not a cause bracelet, including children’s and charm bracelets. We cannot honor requests to win our cause bracelets, as those bracelets are intended to generate a profit that benefits the person or charity associated with the bracelet in the bracelet’s description.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got! Good luck and have fun! This contest is open for submissions until January 8th, 2012 at noon E.S.T.

Also, we want to remind you that we remember our promise and starting this month, we will have at least one contest each month! That’s twelve or more chances to win a free bracelet, so keep following us for more exciting updates!

Happy 2012!


  1. Hello Cathy and all Frikes!!!! Happy New year! I just looked thru the bracelets that you have as an everyday stock and there is one I didn't see there. I saw a Soccer MOM one and that is Awesome as Ariel plays on 2 different soccer teams but I didn't see a Basketball MOM bracelet. Ariel plays in 3 different leagues and then traveling teams. This is going to be her ticket to college. I think there should be a Basketball mom bracelet. Of course it would depend on the childs school or teams colors depending on the color of the Bracelet. I know there are lots of Basketball moms out there that would Love a Wonderful Bracelet made by Cathy for their daughter or sons team!!!! So that is my idea Basketball MOM :)

  2. Hello Cathy, My idea is the one I mentioned a week ago I think it was. I think we need a "Proud to be a Frike!" Bracelet. I think it would be an awesome seller, so many of your friends and customers will surely want means they are members of a special group of wonderful people " Who Care" people who have made a difference..........I think it should be silver and white..but colors are not important to me, the message is clear........
    Thanks for your consideration...
    Pattie Voelker

  3. Hi Cathy :)
    It has been on my mind for a long time to request of you some boys sons loves wearing mine around the house but they are way too big of course. He would love something CAMO! Greens, browns, and blacks possibly with a deer charm or even or deer skull charm? I know this is out of your norm, but that is the beauty of it. We tend to always think of these beautiful items for girls but I'm sure if you make the beads a little less glittery it will work out great!

  4. Hi Cathy! I agree that some boys' bracelets would be great. A cub scout one would be cool. Or something like a "I love Jesus". Nolan got a nylon bracelet with WWJD on it and he wears it all the time. Patrick likes that sort of thing, too. :-)

  5. Cathy I think you should make like a charm bracelet on your chain link ones! Being able to put an individual name and birthstone to each charm for a mom or grandma bracelet!Done in silver would be really nice !

    The one who loves you most: Lisa V. :O)

  6. My "great" idea is to have an "Emergency" bracelet for kids.

    Ideally, I would love to see it with colorful beads, similar to the 11th bracelet in your Adult Disney DOTD album, the 15th bracelet in your Dec 3 DOTD album or even the 4th bracelet in your Dec 8 DOTD album. The bracelet would also have a hand-stamped charm that would have a parent's cell phone number... would be great for the kids to wear when you are out so that in case they get separated, they have emergency contact info on their wrist.

  7. Cathy,
    I think you should make a bracelet to honor the military branches. Maybe you could personalize for each branch and also personalize it for the individual. (Names, branch service colors) Army brat bracelet for the kids.

  8. I would love to see birthstone bracelets become a regular inventory item. Swarovski crystals in the color of the birthstone swirled/twisted with silver beads. Good luck with all of the great ideas! (Lori Ebel)

  9. Cathy,
    my idea for the new bracelet is called the "Home" Bracelet. It would feature yellow beads (like the yellow ribbon you put up when the troops go to war). The charm would feature a little house and the words "He's Home" or "She's Home"...or even "I'm Home"...Mom's could wear it for their daughters who served in Iraq and/or Afghanistan, or wives/girlfriends/sisters/aunties could wear one for their soldier/sailor/Marine/airman who served. even servicepeople can wear the "I'm home" bracelet!

  10. The yellow home bracelet could also play on the Wizard of Oz yellow brick road... there's no place like home!

    I have not given a new bracelet idea much thought - sorry. But, I do want to voice an opinion for at least one bracelet that I wouldn't want to see leave your inventory. The metallic rainbow bead one - the Shred bracelet. I am not kidding... those beads go with everything! Blues, blacks, greens, earth tones, purples... I grab it 99% of the time. Don't let that one drop off the radar.

  11. You hear every day about some teenager killing themselves due to bullying and there is so much negativity out there about looks, size, sexual orientation, I think something with charms with positive thoughts or something to help spread the good instead of the bad. I am not sure what I am thinking of but maybe others can help think of something. I don't want it to be corny -would someone wear a bracelet with a charm "beautiful" "special", "born this way"? I think they would be great gift ideas.
    Another idea -more personal, my dad always you to say love you whole bunches of x's and o's. He signed cards that way too - maybe a charm with X's and O's.

  12. I would not personally identify myself as a stay at home mommy, even though I am still trying to finish school to one day work. But my mother was a stay at home mom and I am so thankful she sacrified her life to raise my sisters and me. Growing up I realized that my mother never got the recognition or appreciation that she deserved for sacrificing everything else she could have excelled in to raise her children. Even in our generation and despite so many women who go into the work force, there are still so many mothers who decide to stay at home full time to raise their children and I would love to see a bracelet dedicated to their job. My bracelet would have glass beads that are white with glitter in it and have a charm attached that says " Being a stay at home mom IS my job." with a smaller charm over it of a woman standing proud with her arms crossed over her chest. Thank you mom for all that you have done for us, without you I would not be the person I a today.

  13. Cathy, thank you for the opportunity to share new bracelet designs for Cathy's Creations. My grandmother has morned the death of her husband, my grandfather, for almost ten years. Dressing in a black, only recently has she been dressing with a little bit of color. I purpose a Memory of Love bracelet, all black crocheted seed beads with a cross charm. This bracelet would be perfect for adults and children to wear when I loved one passes to Heaven.

  14. How about a bracelet with an angel charm and than stamped disc with their name and date of their passing into heavens gates .Could also be completed with their birthstone color bead! :O)I think these would be nice on the chain bracelets !

    Lisa Voveris