Friday, January 13, 2012

Feelin' Lucky? - WINNER ANNOUNCED!

WINNER: Joanna Jones!

What do you think of when you realize it’s Friday the 13th?

Okay, besides that.

You think of luck, right? Friday the 13th is considered, since ancient times, to be unlucky or a bad omen. A combination of being the 6th day of the week and the 13th day of the month are what sets this special date on a crux between horrifying and, well, slightly silly.

Despite evidence that some people do have horrible luck on Friday the 13th (as statistics that point out an increased risk of traffic accidents show) most people agree that the date’s only merit is its widely acclaimed superstitious ties. We all know of some pretty common superstitions, like not walking under ladders or avoiding a black cat that may cross your path, and to most of these, we pay no mind. However, we all have something, a little quirky thing that we believe in- some kind of superstitious belief that we ascribe to, just in case...

So, what’s yours? Tell us today! Why? Because one of you lucky responders to this blog who shares your superstition with us will have your curse reversed this Friday the 13th and will win this bracelet!

It’s this easy:

- Tell us a superstition that you can’t shake; what do you do, and why? How did it start? Reply in a comment to this blog. Include your name in case you win!

- Sit back and wait to see if Friday the 13th is your lucky day!

This year is phenomenal, with this being only the first of three Friday the 13th dates in 2012. So let’s see who can kick it off right! Good luck!


  1. I am superstitious about being superstitious... My Dad had all of them... and then some. He turned the car around one day when the one road into town was crossed by a black cat. So I open umbrellas in the house and walk under ladders on purpose. I even got a Black Cat as soon as I moved out.

  2. I like to say I'm not superstitious, but there is one thing I always do- knock on wood. I know it's not going to prevent something from happening, but I knock anyway...just in case :)


  3. Joanna the dealer JonesJanuary 13, 2012 at 11:02 AM

    My grandmother used to always tell us you must hold your breath while going past a cemetery or you will breathe in the spirit of someone who has recently died.
    The other one she told me was never put your purse on the floor anywhere or you'll always be broke. I've heard these since I was a child and funny enough I never leave my purse on the floor and ya I usually hold my breath if were driving by a cemetery!! Funny how things stick with you when Grandma says its so.

  4. I have no problems with walking under ladders, having black cats cross my path or breaking mirrors - but about flipped when my kids opened their umbrellas in the house! They looked at me like I was nuts when I told them we can't do that. LOL - crazy mommy!
    Jen Schwiebert

  5. I am superstitious about putting shoes on the table. I have no idea if it is really something that is a common superstition but my Granny told me it is bad luck when I was little and it stuck with me. Also the usual ones, like having the first person to cross your threshhold after the new year be a dark haired person. A fair haired or even headed (lol) person is bad luck. Also when all 3 of my babies were born my Gran made them receiving shawls and you always pull it through your wedding band before you wrap the baby in them.

  6. When my Mom turned 60 G and the girls and I travelled to Ottawa for her birthday party. There was a TON of leftovers so we packed the car full and then headed home (a 5 hour drive). Less than half-way home we were in a horrible car accident and the car was totaled -- honestly to look at the photos it's a miracle we walked away and basically unhurt (G had a broken wrist, I had a black eye). To this day I won't take leftovers from Ottawa anymore. Not even my sister's amazing Christmas cookies. I just get a bad feeling when they offer them and I can't shake it. It's weird I know but there it is.

    My kids on the other hand, they are convinced that if you get the chipped plate at supper that you can make a wish. Rules are you can't ask to have the lucky chip plate and you can't put the lucky chip plate as your plate when you set the table or it doesn't count. Someone else must set the plate at your spot for your wish to come true. They are very adamant that the lucky chip plate wishes MUST come true. It's kind of cute.

  7. This is going to sounded ridiculous but I am not a really religious person, don't believe in one religion, I think there are parts of all of them that are great and all have their faults. I hate sitting church, especially with my kids. But, I am superstitious that if I don't pray at night and thank "God" for everything I have and pray for our family's and friends health and safety that something bad will happen to someone.

  8. I am careful with words to the point where saying certain things scares me. I think that when we say things it somehow puts the thought out there.

    If my husbadn or kids say things I correct them too.

    Like, you just don't joke about death or injury. You don't say you wish things upon others. Surface level, logic tells me that just saying the words will not cause said thing to happen. But deep down, I think there is power behind the words we choose and we just should be careful with what we put out there.

    Mary Gauvin

  9. No shoes on the table,black cats crossing my path,salt over your shoulder for goods luck,umbrellas can't bree opened in the house,good luck finding pennies head side up,wishbones off the turkey,walking under ladders is bad luck,it hint hour itchy hand means your going to be in a fight, but the one that stresses me the son saying its a loser before I scratch a tick.eted Cuz it makes me lose

    Lisa v