Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year, New Us Giveaway- Winner announced!

We are so impressed with all of the involvement in our New Year, New Us Giveaway! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful ideas!

You have definitely inspired us, and it was very hard to choose between all of the great and original bracelet plans you had. Some of them had already been done in the past, and were not quite successful enough for us to revisit at this time. While all of the ideas were very unique and exciting, we had the difficult task of choosing only one, and we decided that this entry should win:

“You hear every day about some teenager killing themselves due to bullying and there is so much negativity out there about looks, size, sexual orientation, I think something with charms with positive thoughts or something to help spread the good instead of the bad. I am not sure what I am thinking of but maybe others can help think of something. I don't want it to be corny -would someone wear a bracelet with a charm "beautiful" "special", "born this way"? I think they would be great gift ideas.
Another idea -more personal, my dad always you to say love you whole bunches of x's and o's. He signed cards that way too - maybe a charm with X's and O's.

We truly loved the idea of a bracelet that encouraged support and self-love for the one wearing it and we agree that these bracelets would make incredible gifts for loved ones. Countering negative messages that peers and the media send out, and remembering that we have value is such an important part of life, and we would love to do our part. Thank you for the wonderful idea, Peppy! Please let us know which bracelet from our website you would like! (Remember that you are limited to regular inventory items only; no cause bracelets.)

In the future, we may look to you again for more inspiration, so please don’t feel discouraged if you didn’t win. We appreciate all of the feedback and value your place here!

As we revamp our inventory, please feel welcome to let us know what some of your favorite bracelets are in the comments below!

Congratulations again, Peppy!


  1. Yay Peppy!!! And I love the idea!

  2. Congrats Peppy!! I hope the new bracelets find homes on many special wrists!!! Great idea!!!

  3. congrats peppy. i would def wear a "born this way" bracelet

  4. As a mom to 3 teens,I LOVE this idea!With all the peer pressure out there to be something they are not,it is hard to find themselves.And I would definately scrape if I had to ,to put something positive into their heads:)