Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Note on Profits and Proceeds

Occasionally we have noticed that there is a slight misunderstanding about cause bracelets and the amount of money that is donated to the appropriate fund from our end. We feel it is very important to stay on top of any issues that might concern you regarding the way your money is distributed during cause sales, whether DOTD or cause bracelets on the website. You will notice that we announce that all “proceeds” from sales will go toward the cause. This seems to have caused some unwanted confusion, so we feel compelled to clarify. 

What this means is that all of the money we make AFTER the cost of the items used to create the product and the cost of labor for those who work tediously to bring you high quality jewelry is donated, in full, toward the cause that is being supported. These bracelets, charms, or other items that are sold are not free, and the employees who dedicate their time and talents need reimbursement. Cause bracelets or sales that benefit a cause do not generate a profit for our business. We feel it is important to share with our customers that their money is used only for the creation and distribution of the bracelets, and for the funds in which they expected their money to support.

Our business strives for, and takes pride in, the generosity that you see on our site; it is quite literally what keeps us doing what we do. All charitable funds are distributed accordingly as listed above, and we try to share with you the proof that your money is going where you expected. If you ever have any questions about the distribution of funds or the availability of cause items, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Thank you!


  1. Well this only makes since doesn't it? If you were donating all money and having to pay out of pocket for all of the expenses then your business would fail and way fewer people would benefit from the generosity of Cathy, her employees and most of all the Frikes! I fully support you covering all of your costs and even making at least some profit so that you can continue to spread your fairy dust to as many people as you can!

  2. Good for you Cathy if you dont take care of your costs you are right it means less stuff getting done for Frikes in need. Love seeing the pics of you with Baby Pierce.

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  4. FYI, you may want to change your wording from "all proceeds" to "net proceeds." All proceeds means you are flipping the bill for the cost of the bracelets - you pay for it. Whereas net proceeds means the cost of the bracelets are taken out of the profits or income then the rest is donated. Simple mistake I've made myself, but can hurt you in a legal stand point f not corrected.