Monday, December 5, 2011

Pay Your Thankfulness Forward Giveaway!

Have we mentioned lately how much your Frike dedication means to us? As the number of Frikes continues to rise on our fan page, thanks in part to the dedication and page-sharing from all of you, we are feeling especially impressed and appreciative. So, in the midst of our Chainmaille Giveaway, we are going to have yet ANOTHER giveaway! Are you excited?!

We have noticed so many inspiring stories lately of thanks and joy this holiday season, as Frikes are helped out and others are seeing ones they love help those in need. It’s incredible! The happiness of a Frike is something that always warms our hearts, as we are able to celebrate the joys of life with all of you. We want to pass on this wonderful feeling, and we want to start with you.

Because we are encouraging everyone to give this season with our 25 Days of Giving, we are offering you all an opportunity to give as well. Many of you have said you wished you could buy a bracelet for someone as a kind gesture, or share the gift of a Cathy’s Creations piece with a loved one. So, this contest is about you winning a bracelet for someone else! In the spirit of thankfulness, we are asking you all to participate in the Pay Your Thankfulness Forward Giveaway!

One lucky winner will get this one-of-a-kind, handmade bracelet!

Here’s what you have to do:

-Comment below with a short story or a small list of reasons for why you are thankful this holiday season.

-Tell us who you will give the bracelet to if you win, and why they deserve it.

Please do not forget that if you post anonymously, you must leave us a way to contact you. So please either include the name we can use to find you on the fan page, or your email address along with your submission.

It’s that easy! We will pick a lucky winner to receive the bracelet, and contact you for information.

Also don’t forget to comment on our other blog entries; we have several contests and giveaways coming up, and we draw names from some random places!


  1. I would love to win this for Marissa Wilcox, a beautiful young lady who is fighting for her life. She needs a liver transplant, but is still so full of life. Her family is struggling terribly right now and having something this beautiful would go a long way to giving her a Merry Christmas.

  2. I am thankful first for Christ!!! Then for my wonderful family; my son in the military and my loving husband!!!! And I am thankful for all my great friends; those on FB and those not. All these things and more make up who I am!

  3. I am thankful for this season, because it means family gets to come together. After the hard year we have had, knowing that we will end the year, right where it starts is awe inspiring.

    If I won I would give it to my cousin, Rachel. After seeing my fb post about how we weren't going to be able to give the kids presents this year because of some horrible luck we have been having, she sent me a $50 gift card to get the kids something! She is hard pressed herself--first year out of college, repaying loans, her first apt and many other things. But for her to take the time to think of the kids she hasn't but a few times and to give freely her hard earned money really meant a lot. I would LOVE to show her how much it meant to me, and to my husband!

  4. This year I'm thankful because this is the first year that, other than our mortgage, we are mostly debt free. Because of this, we're able to give more this Christmas. We've been able to get a couple of kids from various Angle Trees and give items to the food bank.
    I'm also thankful that while we have several family members that we will be missing again this year, that the rest of us are healthy & are able to be together this year.

    As for who to give it to & why . . . a good friend of mine has been going through a real rough time with a nasty divorce and a teenaged daughter who is doing all the typical teen junk & then some. Her ex has been late 3 months running now with support, to the point that her rent has been late each month. There's a lot to it, let's just suffice it to say that she's been going through a lot.

    Suzanne Van

  5. Elizabeth Diane DanielDecember 5, 2011 at 11:36 PM

    I'm thankful for oxygen. I've been given 29 years that doctors said I wouldn't have, due to various health problems. I was put on oxygen about 6 yrs. ago due to kyphoscoliosis. Without it and the help of God I wouldn't be here today. If I won this bracelet I'd give it to Rainy. A little girl I've come to love via Facebook. She has so many health problems, has had countless brain surgeries and struggles everyday. She deserves a bright Christmas.

  6. I would send it to a dear friend in Arizona named Linda. She is an amazing woman who has endured so much in life, including her daughter being murdered. She recently had a heart attack and needed Open Heart Surgery. She had complications due to Diabetes and had to have Open Heart Surgery again because her incision wasn't healing. Despite all of this, she reached out to me when she found out my neighbor's husband passed away and she wanted to help the family. She has always been the most amazing woman who is always found with a smile and a need to help others, I would love her to have this bracelet to celebrate her for a change and brighten her day after her many hours spent in the hospital recently. I am thankful to have Linda in my life and am a better person for knowing her.

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  8. I am thankful for my (returning) health and my family. They have been beyond supportive for me my whole life, and most especially these past 8 months. They exemplify all that the Christmas season is about.

    I would like to win this for my mother in law. She just recently found out she has breast cancer, and will be having surgery to attempt to remove the tumors (yes, plural) during the holiday season, and only five days after her birthday (Christmas Eve). Because of the surgery, she'll be missing out on her nephew's wedding reception and spending time with her very large extended family.
    My MIL has been unwavering in her support for me and my family. When I was struggling with finances, I was too ashamed to admit this to my fiance, but she knew and would lend me money without batting an eye. If it weren't for her support, I would not have been able to make rent, daycare or pay my car insurance. Her support also enabled me to make sure my son, her only grandchild, would have a good Christmas and birthday on two separate occasions.
    My MIL is as important to me as my own mother, and I would do/give anything to make her smile.

  9. I am thankful for good health, family, and friends this holiday season and always.

    I would pass on this beautiful handmade bracelet to my boyfriend's mother, Cecile because of her unconditional love and support towards her son Jason.

    Jason was born with the disease Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) which often is considered to be a very rare form of Autism. TSC causes developmental delays and tumors to form throughout the body. Jason has over 100 tumors on his body, & 25 brain tumors. Jason has been hospitalized countless times over the course of his lifetime and has undergone numerous surgeries.

    But Jason has never lost hope because of the support he has received from his mother and family. Jason touches the lives of so many people every single day with his positive outlook on life. Cecile has been beside him through everything, even when health professionals have had little hope for her son.

    But because Jason has gained love and hope from his mother, and loving family and friends he is alive to tell his story.

    Please consider Cecile this holiday season.


  10. Hello Frikes,
    I have a lot to be thankful for this year. My family, my job and most especially my kid. She's a little over two and has brought the joy of Christmas back to my heart. Some days are tough with a two year old but there are a lot of joyful moments to make up for the crabbiness. :)

    I don't actually want to win this for someone. I would want to give one to everyone who posted above me, so they could give it to anyone they wanted. The above stories bring tears to my eyes and joy to my heart knowing there are so many really good people out there still. Sometimes it's difficult to see with all the greedy, selfish holiday shoppers....but through the mass of shoppers, there is a glimmer of light and hope. Christmas is a season of giving. The ultimate gift was Christ himself. If there were more people like the Frikes above or on FB, or most of all, like Cathy....the world would be a much better place. However, my world is already a much better place knowing you all are out there and I'm so blessed to be a part of Cathy's page and a Frike.

    Hugs, love and blessings to you all.

    Jen Thorne

  11. I am thankful for every year I have been able to watch my children grow and accomplish everything that they have.A few years ago and numerous brain surgeries ,I thought these were things I would miss.Every milestone and event they paticipate in brings tears to my eyes.Not of sadness,but of pride.It taught me to pay attention ,and that there were no little things in life.Even though we have now been dealt another blow,I will continue to be strong. For my children are what I am thankful for the most.If I won,this would go to my youngest daughter who has Aspergers,because she has come so far and I am so proud of her:)

  12. I am thankful for the help my family has received this holiday season. Sometimes people can really surprise you and help you out when you need it most.

    I would give this bracelet to my neighbor Susan. Her Mom is dying of cancer. She has lung cancer and brain tumors. My neighbor is so sad to be losing her Mom. She is taking care of her and working at the same time. A gift like this would perk her up a little I'm sure.

  13. I'm so thankful that I have a husband who does everything he can to take care of me and our kids. He works his tail off to ensure that we have everything we need. He has supported my dreams of going back to nursing school and has truly picked up more than his fair share when it comes to taking care of the kids and the house when I just can't do anymore. He is truly one of the most wonderful men I have ever met.
    I would give a bracelet to my friend, Amy. She just lost her mom to breast cancer and her husband lost his job in the same amount of time. They are about to lose their home to foreclosure and definitely have no money for their two small children's Christmas. My MOMs group has adopted them so that their girls can have Christmas presents under the tree, but I want to do something for Amy. She is seriously one of the most selfless people I've ever met and just gives of her time and effort constantly. I am just so proud to call her a friend.

    Hayley Hayes

  14. I am very thankful for my family, immediate and extended. Last year we were in the midst of a cross country move and were living in our parents' basements with our three kids. We had just found out we were pregnant with number four and hubby's car had just been put in the proverbial grave. Our families were there to help us find a new car and to help us find a new place to live. Not only that but when we did find the place to live they helped us get it ready to move in. We had to re-tape, mud, and paint EVERY wall in our house. Our families (both my hubby's and mine) came together to get our house ready for us. We now have a very special bond.

    I would give this bracelet to my mother in law. She has so many times taken all four of our kids so that we could get work done on the house or just because. She has been a very valuable part of this move.

  15. I am thankful that my hubbys surgery will be done and he can begin is my big thing I am thankful for! I just may keep a reminder of coming through the 'other' side of a hard time!

  16. I have way more to be thankful for than I could properly fit here. My life is filled with joy and peace, my heart is filled with love.

    I would love to win this to give to my little sister. There are things in her life that crush me inside. I want so much for her to have a life that she cannot get to right now. She is an amazing woman, the only word to accurately describe her is bubbley. But she has had a very hard handful of years. She deserves so much more than she has.

    I love you Cathy.

    -Mary Gauvin-

  17. I love the holiday season because it brings my close family even closer together. Also, my nature I am a giving person. I love to surprise friends and family with small, meaningful gifts. I hope to one day soon repay my parents for all they done for me. My parents unconditional love and their most generous support have always been life lines to my survival. I just can not imagine living a day without them. I would love to award my mother this beautiful bracelet by Cathy's Creations.

  18. I would love to win this for my friend Vickie. She has been struggling with health problems for 10 yrs at only 44 yrs old, and she is facing a couple of very complicated surgeries beginning this month. Through all of her appts, stress and her own fears, she has remained my pillar of strength and been an anchor to my sanity through my mom being diagnosed and surviving breast cancer this year, and helping me make the funeral arrangements when my teen aged son passed away just 2 1/2 mos ago.

    I am always looking for ways to pay it forward, and this would be a wonderful gift to show her how much I love and appreciate her amazing friendship. <3

  19. I am thankful for my son ! He has been my rock since I was struck with cancer three years ago! He took care of me everyday til I beat that battle! Not many teenage boys would remain by their moms side everyday for an entire summer! He gave up everything and helped me fight a battle the Drs said I would not likely win! Knowing it is five years before I am cancer free , he has remained my rock! My last appt for my cancer screening this past summer, my car broke down and I couldnt find a ride to the appt. We didnt have money for a cab and it was a really hot summer day. I was going to cancel it and he said mom no lets walk . We will go together! Again not something a teenage boy does ( going to the gyno with his mom ) ! He always puts me first . Many nights I cry asking God to give me my health back so I can work and not struggle and and I could finally help my son have a nice Christmas just once again! I know hes older and not a little kid but he still deserves a nice holiday again in his teen years! I just wish I could give back to him somehow!

    So who I would give this to ? My son! I would give it to him so he could for once have a really nice gift to give his best friend who has stood by him through not only all of his struggles in life , but mine as well! Shes a true best friend to him and I wish for all hes done for me I could help him somehow have a brighter Christmas ! Hes given so much.

    Lisa Voveris

  20. I have been fundraising for my cousin who has terminal cancer. I was able to raise 2000 dollars for her and her family. They keep thanking me every time I talk to them, but I tell them "dont thank me, you would do it for me". I matched many donations even though I am on disability and a very limited income. But I hope it helps take some stress off so they can enjoy the time they have with her. I would give this to Caroline's mother as she has lost both her parents this year and now her daughter is not expected to be here by Christmas. She deserves something to put a smile on her face.

  21. Dear Cathy & Frikes,
    I am thankful for my little family. We may not have all the "riches" of the world, but we stand together united, supporting each other's dreams and aspirations.

    As for the bracelet, I want to give it to a 23 year old woman named Taylor. She has spent the last 11 months of her life in between two hospitals fighting for her life. She has 3 different types of cancer that is ripping through her body, & she has endured more surgeries in a year than most of us will have in a lifetime. What Taylor has had to deal with in these past 11 months is beyond what most of us could even fathom and with no family support. But yet through all of this, she still continues to have Faith, faith that all of this pain & suffering is for a reason. When she has a chance and is strong enough to do so, she is from her hospital bed doing for others. Earlier this year she helped another cancer patient that was struggling with their diagnosis and helped to bring about a change in their outlook on life. Taylor is an amazing example of selflessness and living a life paying it forward, even when you have nothing to give, but your time & love.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my submission &
    everyone's most heartfelt reasons for their person that means so much.
    Your heart knows no bounds and we are eternally grateful for your heart & friendship...