Friday, December 2, 2011

Deal of the Day FAQ

Hello Frikes!
We have noticed some confusion with DOTD (Deal of the Day.) In order to make it easier for you, we’re putting it all in writing and inviting you to share any confusion or questions you have so we can help make sure that DOTD is understandable and fair for everyone.
DOTD are bracelets that are posted on Facebook for a lower price. These bracelets are first come, first serve. The caption under the photo clarifies the size, price, and any other specifics about the bracelet. In order to claim a bracelet, you must be the first person to comment under the picture of the bracelet that you want with the word “MINE.” You will know you are the first comment when Cathy’s Creations clicks “like” on your comment. Please only claim a bracelet if you intend to win- payment is expected within 12 hours after confirmation, or the bracelet will be re-listed. If you have any issues with making a payment, please contact us as soon as possible so we are aware of the issue and can help you problem solve it!
Sometimes a Frike has their personal Facebook privacy settings set high, and all users cannot see their comments. This means that Cathy’s Creations might be able to see a bracelet be claimed before you can, and even if it looks like you were first to claim it, someone else was faster. At Cathy’s Creations, we respect the privacy settings of all of our beloved Frikes and hope that you will do the same!
The thrill of DOTD bracelets is that they are random! There are no set days, times, or certain items available. You have to keep your eyes peeled and look for posts indicating when the next deal might be- sometimes we can’t help ourselves and give it away!
If you love a bracelet but aren’t buying it- we want to know! Our bracelets are handmade creations that we try to make to suit the needs and interests of our beloved Frikes. So, even if you aren’t in the market for a new bracelet, or don’t have the funds, we’re always up for compliments! Please feel free to click “like” on pictures of your favorite bracelets, or comment and tell us how you feel. We pay attention to your involvement on our page and we want to know what you like! Popular bracelets might resurface again for future sales if we know what you’re looking for.
IF YOU MISS A DEAL, don’t dismay! Several of our DOTD bracelets can be recreated for you for the original cost. Please do not hesitate to comment asking for details about special orders or pricing for what you see on DOTD. Missing the deal does not have to mean missing the bracelet! The joy of handmade creations is that we can almost always create something to fit your specifications, so try us!
So, to summarize:
- DOTD means Deal of the Day.
- The bracelets are listed in an album and you must claim the specific bracelet under its photo.
- If Cathy’s Creations clicks “like” on your “mine” comment, the bracelet is yours and you must pay within 12 hours.
- Things are not always what they seem: sometimes a user with private settings got to the bracelet first. Try your luck anyway! This is not usually the case.
- If you miss out on your favorite bracelet, or you see another deal from a past DOTD that you’d like recreated for you, ask us!
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to comment on this post and ask- we will answer here so you can have all of your information listed in one place!
Thank you, Frikes! Happy shopping!
To participate in DOTD and find out more about Cathy’s Creations, please add us on Facebook and become a Frike! (In case you’re wondering, a Frike is a combination of a “friend” and a “like.” All of our beloved friends who click “like” on our page instantly become Frikes! And we do a lot for our Frikes, so what are you waiting for?!)


  1. You might want to also mention that for now, the proceeds from the DOTD sales are going towards helping other Frikes in need.

    That is what was decided, right?

    April Mae June

  2. Yes, that is what we are currently donating all the money to. This blog was mostly so I can post the link every time I post a DOTD and direct the new Frikes to this so they would understand how the DOTD works :)

  3. YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST, Cathy! I love you forevermore & am OH SO PROUD of all that you do with your God-given talents. Your mom is so proud of you - she's smiling down on ALL that you do - EVERY day! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxooxxoxooxoxoxx

  4. Thank you for the clarification. I think this makes it much more clear in terms of how this process works now. You do amazing work!