Monday, February 13, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness Week

It's Random Acts of Kindness Week! Now that's our kind of week. We are all about some random acts of loving and kindness. Our Frikes practically embody the idea of generosity and giving! So here are some ideas for you to help promote this totally awesome week!

Bring in the mail for an elderly neighbor.

Shovel or plow the driveway of someone on your street.

Bring ginger ale or popsicles over to the house of a sick friend.

Babysit for no charge for a couple so they can enjoy some alone time on Valentine's Day.

Make a play date with a mom you don't know during vacation. Reaching out to others can make us feel good, even if it's uncomfortable at first, and you might make a new friend!

Leave a candy or a Valentine's Day/thank you card in your mailbox for your mail delivery person.

Bring a cup of hot chocolate to a receptionist at an appointment you have this week.

Put your spare change into a donation box at a register instead of pocketing it. Even a few pennies here and there can add up!

Bake a cake or cookies for someone who is lonely or needs a pick-me-up.

Order pizza for dinner for a busy friend who needs a break from cooking for an evening.

Offer to carpool or give rides to a friend's children this week. Maybe it will become a helpful routine for both parties!

Do a chore or favor for your spouse or partner that you normally do not do.

Call someone you haven't talked to in a long time to tell them you are thinking of them.

Bring a friend their favorite snack food or take them out to lunch.

Treat a single friend to a manicure or another girly pick-me-up on Valentine's Day.

When driving, let someone else merge into traffic.

Read books to children at a children's hospital.

Leave quarters in some machines at the store so a little kid can find them and buy something.

Put a cart back in the cart corral at the store when someone has left it in the parking lot.

Bring your own cart back as well.

Donate unwanted items to a local charity.

Buy toys at the dollar store and make goodie bags. Donate them to your local emergency services, so they can hand them off to children in a crisis.

Hold the door open for the person behind you, even if it's chilly!

If you have the funds, pick up the dinner check for an elderly couple eating out at a restaurant.

Buy baby supplies and donate them to a food cupboard- baby food, diapers, wipes, etc.

Donate a small amount of money to a local oil company and ask them to apply it to a delinquent bill for another customer.

Buy flowers for a community service leader who you feel doesn't get enough recognition.

Go through your children's old items and donate any good books, coloring books, art supplies, or gently used clothing to the local school.

Visit a nursing home with homemade cards for the residents. Take your time and say hello to everyone, reminding yourself that some of the people there have no company.

Donate gently used board games, left over art project materials, puzzles, and audio books to a nursing home.

Make a status on Facebook honoring a friend or loved one to give them a pick me up.

Compliment a stranger (but make sure you mean what you say!)

Make eye contact and smile at someone you don't know at a store.

Mail a postcard, letter, or photo to someone who lives far away.

Help an unemployed friend or family member look for a job or spice up their resume. Job hunting is very tiring and overwhelming.

Forgive someone who has hurt you in the past. This is just as freeing for you as it is for them. If you're not comfortable telling them, keep it to yourself.

Write a letter for your children or grandchildren to read in the distant future. You can surprise someone randomly years from now with a personalized letter meant just for them!

Visit the Humane Society and play with the pets. Random acts of kindness can be appreciated by all living creatures!

Pick up litter on your road. Involve your children and talk to them about community responsibility.

Say something encouraging to a friend who has been struggling with something like weight loss or overcoming an addiction. Encourage them to keep going and let them know you notice their hard work and progress!

Buy a few inexpensive staples and give them to a homeless person. Bread, fruit, cheese, deli meat, etc. can all make a big difference to a person who is living without a balanced diet.

Visit someone who can't go far. Many stay at home moms are often excluded from activities or can't afford to take their kids out regularly. Going to their home to visit them is easier for them!

Buy an iTunes card for a friend who appreciates good music.

Support a cause close to a loved one's heart, or help spread awareness to others.

Use social networking sites to promote a small business a friend has started.

Deliver flowers to the cancer ward of the hospital and ask the receptionist to have them delivered to a patient who comes to treatments alone or has had an exceptionally hard time lately. Sign the card anonymously.

Take a friend out for lunch and foot the bill.

Throw a surprise party for a friend or loved one to celebrate a recent accomplishment or exciting news.

Help a parent in the store when their child is having a tantrum or simply if they look tired/worn down.

Drop $5 in a parking lot or on the side walk and don't look back. Let a random person come across it!

There are many little things we can do every day to share a legacy of caring and sharing. Don't limit yourself to just this one week! Please tell us in the comments section ways that people have helped you before that has made your day a little brighter.


  1. I think every week is RAOK week!

    But to make a special point of it, pure goodness!!

  2. A sidewalk was so slippery I was surely going to fall trying to get to my car.A man came and took my arm and walked me all the way Tokyo car! A total stranger! Not for even a minute did I fear him or feel unsafe.

    Lisa Voveris

  3. To my car! Not to Tokyo! HAHA

  4. Am I the only one coming here to share things? Come on people, we all have hero's in our moments of life.
    I wish I could pick just one but I cant! The oh so many things a friend of mine has done for me, is mind blowing. It could be to buy me flowers on my daughters bday, an outfit to wear to a baby shower and a gift beyond belief to walk through the door with,help with a bill, special jewelry to alert people I am diabetic, sharing her heart about her mom with me,allowing me to meet her son and spend the day with them on her day off, send me love and smiles when I brake, and it keeps going on and on and it never ends! She never judges me! She loves me through it all! She amazes me. She is what kindness and compassion are! She is one of a kind! Her momma smiles every morning when she sees her start her day and she is full of great pride when she sees her go to bed at the end of her day! I can hear her moms whisphers to her telling her shes done wonderful things and has a good giving heart. Than she whisphers to remind her precious child to remember to also rest as needed. When I recall precious giving moments ...acts of kindness...compassion for always comes out to my true friend....Cathy O! I LOVE YOU MY FRIEND!

    er day and tears of proudness leak out of her mommas eyes when she watches her drift off to sleep. I can hear her momma whoever " well done m precious child but please remember to slow down now and than!" Yes.

  5. I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know Cathy and her kindness ...and I just learned of her through Liam last week. Its so refreshing to see posts that aren't whining abt what a bad day she had! for the car behind you in drive-thru contagious!

  6. This is so awesome Cathy! I have 3 girls of my own as well as a Girl Scout troop and we always try to find ways to do something fun for others. It's just a fantastic feeling to know that you made someone smile today! We love it!

    It's also wonderful to witness someone else doing RAOKs! My husband held the door for an elder lady recently. She had her hands full of grocery bags. A random gentleman came up and asked if he could carry her groceries to her car for her. Her face just LIT UP! It was absolutely wonderful to see the "Star treatment" she was getting from these men! hehe

  7. I am gonna be on a hunt all day to see what things I can do for others all day.Ready...set....go!!!!

    Lisa V

  8. I had two friends be my valentines last week because I am a lonely fat old lady and didn't have one! One knew I had no winter cost and she bought me one! The other is a friend I mares from Cathy! She sent me a pink sweatshirt , some nice hand motion and a gift card! These two ladies made me feel so special! This oz what friendship is about! They've are amazing friends! They were compassionate and thought of Simone alone that day and made the day full of love! Bless them both!

    Lisa V (again)

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