Monday, February 20, 2012

What It's Like To Work For Cathy's Creations (from the perspective of the humble blogger)

Writing a blog for a small business like Cathy's Creations doesn't generally lend itself to any sort of "about me"-type scenarios, but today I was given free reign to write about a subject of my choice to share with you all, and I really feel like I need to share what it feels like to work for such an astounding business venture.

I have had a few jobs in my life... mostly short-lived retail stints, between trying to pay the bills and juggle (and afford) full time parenting. Right now I am in college and am very privileged to have been offered a position here blogging for Cathy. Not just because of the extra income for my family, but because of the experience of having a job that matters.

Not many people can probably say they feel like their job is rewarding. As a stay at home mother in college, I certainly wasn't expecting to take on something else right now, whether needed or not. But working for a business that has, in my short time here, and in many months before that, done so much for so many has really opened my eyes.

I have been on Facebook for a few years now, and I have never seen such a loving and dedicated community of people on a business site as I do among the Frikes. Whether banding together for the family of a sick child going through unimaginable stress and horrors, or scraping up their own extra funds in the most financially draining time of the year to make sure that families in need had food, warmth, and shelter, you have AMAZED me. If anyone had told me that bracelets would make me feel like more of a humanitarian, I would not have believed them... but now I do. I have written blogs to inspire aid for those whose children are literally on death's door and sat here with tears in my eyes as I have seen the link to that blog be shared, the fundraising money going up and up, the changes being made in the lives of a total stranger who just needs something, anything, and knows we are there for him. It is a feeling money can't buy, it is a payment greater than anything I could see tallying up in my bank account, and it is a reward that inspires me not to wait for the next moment I am called upon, but to do more whenever I can.

I believe a blessed person is not a person who has everything they could want but someone who feels lucky for what they already have, and I believe our Frikes understand that. To see others give away their cause jewelry to someone having a harder time than they are, to watch Frikes randomly buy one another a bracelet out of kindness and wanting to spread a little cheer (someone even bought one for me once, totally unexpectedly!), to hear that people have paid twice as much for a Deal of the Day item just because there is a good cause behind it, to witness those going through their own battles in life reach out to another and give, give, give when almost anyone else would be unable to even function... refreshes my belief that we are not doomed after all. With all of the negativity in the world, we have people who understand that five dollars can change a life, or that a bracelet given out of love can make a difference in someone's day, or that words and love and prayer can be the only thing they have to give and the only thing someone truly needs. I am humbled.

To work for someone as incredible as Cathy has been a privilege. Cathy doesn't do well with the recognition... I know her well enough to know that just sharing the love is good enough for her. But Cathy, thank you. For your kindness, generosity, your late night auto-corrected non-sensical texts that test my ability to translate the English language, your friendship, and most of all, for this job, which has shown me a side of the world that not everyone gets to see... The compassionate, loving, caring, hopeful side of the world that we miss out on if we don't learn to appreciate the little things.

Thank you to Leah and Mallory, the talented women who, along with Cathy, create the gorgeous bracelets, charms, and other fantastic and creative items you buy. Without their hard work and dedication to Cathy's Creations, these fundraisers would never be possible.

And last but not least, thank you to YOU, the Frikes, for being there for one another, for sharing your unending support, laughter, tears, and love. You have all inspired me to continue to care about what I do. You have shared the blogs that I have written and spread the word to the world that there are people who need them. You have brought people to the page to expand the efforts of the business and help reach as many helping hands as possible, and to encourage those who need help to seek it. You have given what you can, when you can, and it has always been enough. You are so appreciated! Thank you for being who you are, and by doing so, improving who I am.

You are all proof that a bracelet can change the world.


  1. That's beautiful! I hope to someday be a part of something bigger, bringing a change into this world. <3

  2. Cathy is an earthly Angel, sadly people have been known to take advantage of her and her endless trust and generosity. I know that she appreciates at last having people she can truly trust and rely on working with her as much as you love working for her. I am quiet on the CC front but I am on the sidelines watching and cheering as Cathy's work helps so many people. I am so happy for my friends as they enjoy working with each other and uplifting the lives of so many others.