Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Thank you everyone for participating in last week's Winning Wednesday contest, where we gave you multiple choice questions for Amanda C., our friendly and willing Frike!

The first person to get the largest amount of questions correct was Jen Carlson, with seven! Congratulations, Jen!

Here are the correct answers:

1) When I have free time, I really like to:
c- crochet

2) My favorite guilty pleasure snack is:
a- chocolate ice cream with potato chips

3) The worst movie or movie series ever made is:
b- The Naked Gun movies

4) Before I fall asleep at night, I have this one final thought:
a- Is my alarm really going off in 5 hours?

5) The most beautiful place I've ever been is:
d- Hawaii

6) Whenever I am sick, I:
c- Love to curl up in bed and sleep

7) The strangest costume I ever wore for Halloween was:
b- a deck of cards

8) My favorite color combination is:
c- Brown & Teal

9) When I procrastinate, the number one thing I put off doing is:
c- cleaning

10) On a scale of one to ten, my love for Cathy's Creations is rated as a:
a- 10 b- 10 c- 10 d- 10 (any were acceptable, naturally!)

This week's contest is going to be another guessing game, although of a different sort!

Please guess the following about our blog! Whoever gives the most correct responses by noon on Wednesday, March 7 will be the winner. Please do not forget that you must either sign in to your blog account or leave a name and/or email address or your entry will not be included in the contest. (If you forget these details, you may edit or reply by noon on Wednesday.)

1) How many total page views as of the writing of this contest?
a- 15,674
b- 30,868
c- 40,642
d- 12,478
e-all of the above for Tom

2) What browser is most commonly used to access our blog?
a- Google Chrome
b- Safari
c- Internet Explorer
d- Firefox
e- all of the above for Tom again

3) Which operating system is used most often to access our blog?
a- iPhone
b- Android
c- Macintosh
d- Windows
e- Tom? all of the above?

4) Our top three page views by country are The United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Fourth on this list is:
a- Australia
b- Germany
c- Russia
d- China
e- all of the above for Tom

5) Our blog with the greatest number of hits was written in:
a- 2010
b- 2011
c- 2009
d- 2012
e- all of the above for... yeah, you guessed it...Tom

6) People who view our blog most commonly come to it through:
a- our website
b- Facebook
c- search engines
d- other referrals
e- see all the ones above? yeah... those

7) The most viewed 2012 blog was:
a- Benefit DOTD - Riley's Disney Dream
b- The Totally Unbiased Superbowl Contest (Based in New England)
c- Dooney and Burke Purse Raffle to benefit Aubrey Hope
d- Happiest Frike Memories - Random Giveaway!
e- none of the above (gotcha)

8) We are currently following ____ other blogs.
a- 17
b- 52
c- 4
d- 0
e- all of the below

9) Our total number of comments is:
a- 802
b- 1,356
c- 951
d- 1,983
e- a, b, c and d

10) The month in 2009 where we had our largest number of views was:
a- January
b- November
c- December
d- October
e- all of them... each and every one

Good luck!


  1. 1)c, 2)c, 3)d, 4)a, 5)b, 6)d, 7)d, 8)a, 9)e, 10)d

    Danielle Marie

  2. 1)A
    Naomi Weaver ;)

  3. 1) b
    2) d
    3) d
    4) b
    5) b
    6) b
    7) b
    8) a
    9) d
    10) d

    Mindi Tscharnke