Monday, March 17, 2014

RAOK & The Tutu Project

A few of my closest friends (including some of the incredible Sofia’s Angels) and I will be traveling to New York this weekend to show support for the Carey Foundation. We will don our lovely pink tutus for a photo shoot and bring along a $1,000.00 donation to help support families impacted by breast cancer.

The Carey Foundation was started by Bob and Linda Carey after Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer. Starting off as a photography project, The Tutu Project became so successful that the nonprofit foundation was established.

A year ago this weekend, Linda’s mother Betty passed away. While we are in New York, we are going to honor Betty’s memory and the long year without her with 365 random acts of kindness. Among Betty’s favorite things were flowers and gambling, so included in our acts of kindness are flower hair bows, bouquets of flowers, and scratch tickets for New York and New Jersey, as well as Dunkin Donuts gift cards, Wawa cards, metro cards, paying to fill up someone’s gas tank, paying for a breakfast, lunch, and dinner while out, handing out dollar bills, giving one homeless person $50, giving out Hershey’s Kisses, and passing out hats created by Mary of Mary Originals, who generously donated her time and energy.

 Linda's mother, Betty
We are pleased to be able to spread joy and love in honor of Betty and to show our friendship and support to Linda during such a difficult time, all while supporting the tremendous efforts of the Careys and their incredible foundation and project.

Flower hair bows

A screen shot of the cards that will be handed out with our RAOK gifts

Please feel free to spread the love and create your own random kindness this weekend in memory of this special woman. If you do, share your stories below- we will show Linda the replies and support.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

"Lego" of a Little Love

A year ago, on March 2, 2013, ten year old Mitchell Jones passed away after a long struggle with Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, a progressive muscular degenerative disease. Mitchell's short but beautiful life was chronicled nearly daily by his doting father, who kept up a Facebook page and blogged regularly about his ailing son.

One of the things Mitchell's family says he is most remembered by is his love for all things Lego. In the past, we organized a donation drive for Lego gifts to donate to the Boston Children's Hospital. We would like to resurrect this theme but do things a little differently this time...

Our last project centered around critically ill children who spent hours and sometimes years in hospital beds and needed an outlet for creativity and fun. Now we would like to surprise random children who are not hospitalized and touch their lives with Mitchell's influence.

The Lego Movie is currently in theaters. We will be purchasing ten tickets (to represent Mitchell's age) to The Lego Movie as a random act of kindness in his memory. Recipients of these tickets will be given this note:

"Your tickets today to The Lego Movie were paid for in memory of Mitchell Jones, a ten year old boy who passed away a year ago today of Duchene Muscular Dystrophy. Mitchell loved Lego and lived a life worth honoring. Please enjoy your film and keep him in your heart."

We would also like to organize another Lego drive of a different variety. We are asking that whoever is able to contribute please send a small set of Lego to us so we can randomly hand them out to children in passing. Included with the set will be a letter handed their parents that will read as follows:

"The Lego set your child received today was generously donated by one of many anonymous people who wish to honor the memory of Mitchell Jones. Mitchell was a ten year old boy who passed away on March 2, 2013 of Duchene Muscular Dystrophy. He loved Lego and we are pleased to spread the joy of playing with his favorite toy on to another child who will appreciate it. Please accept this gift as an outreach of Mitchell's love for life and take a moment to play with your child in his memory."

Please send your contributions no later than March 14. Lego sets can be sent to:

Cathy’s Creations
P.O. Box 28 
Watertown, MA 02471

In order to make this endeavor a success, we need your help. If you cannot purchase sets, please consider sharing this blog with others and helping us expand our reach.

Anyone who wishes to support Parent Project MD through the purchase of a Mitchell’s Journey Pendant is invited to view our listing on our website. All proceeds are donated directly.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to honor Mitchell. Please take a moment to view a touching video created by Mitchell's father that adequately explains why we strive so hard to create lasting positive memories in the name of this amazing young man.