Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Well, it’s almost 2012, which means that now that the holidays have ended, it’s time for 44% of Americans to make a promise to themselves that they may or may not keep- otherwise known as the New Year’s resolution.

Many people choose something along the lines of quitting smoking (cough, cough), losing weight (especially after a few cookie exchange parties), or breaking a bad habit (did you swear when you read that one?) 78% of New Year’s resolutions meet a bitter end, and fail.

Research has proven that most people are able to succeed in their goals if they start small and reward themselves for their effort as they go, breaking one large resolution into more achievable victories. Self-help experts agree, adding in that those who shared their resolutions with others were more successful.

So, we ask you- what are your plans for reformation in the New Year? What will 2012 bring for you? January 1st is right around the corner! Please share in your comments your hopes for how the coming year will look for you. What is on your horizon?

Many people, when asked how they feel about the coming of the next year, will say that they hope it will be a better year than the last. On this note, we invite you to look at life as a series of choices. We are all part of a greater whole, and we can all make a difference, both for ourselves and others. This year, we were so blessed to see the love, generosity, and kindness of others shine through in words and actions on our page. It simply cannot be adequately expressed that these things are what makes the world go around. We are capable of great things. Making a positive difference in the life of another person is something we can all do, every day. If you resolve to do nothing else this New Year’s, please at least make the promise to yourself that you will use your place in this world to make the day brighter for at least one person, once, somehow. The act of giving something as simple as a smile or as generous as a donation to a worthy cause extends beyond the one moment we are in. Loving another, a friend or stranger, is a gift that lives on forever.

In life sometimes we are left with only memories, which impact our every day choices in many ways. The example of caring, genuine and heartfelt giving, and continuous and open kindness, lives on forever in those who are touched by it and those who witness it. It is what makes the experience of life a worthwhile journey. We have had many people thank us for what we do, and we want it to be known that above all else, what we are doing is simply spreading a message. If you can, then do. What we hope to achieve is about more than money; it is about the ability to gather together a group of people who can, and become their resource for doing. Do not discount your role in the wonderful things that we simply host. We cannot say it enough- we are thankful for you.

It is our hope that your New Year will be spectacular, and that every choice you make will guide you to a happier, more pleasant life. Please, have a safe and happy New Year. See you in 2012!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Wacky Weekend Giveaway- Winner Announced!

Thank you for participating in our Wacky Weekend Giveaway! We loved the pictures we received, and appreciate your involvement in the contest.

Our winner, with seventeen "likes," was Skye!

Congratulations, Skye! Thanks for making us laugh this weekend!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

25 Days of Giving 2011 - An Incredible Update!

In the spirit of our 25 Days of Giving, we would love to share with you some of the feedback we have received this month. Some of these are thank-you notes for the generosity of those who were able to purchase DOTD bracelets and contribute to our fundraising for families in need, and others are inspiring stories of how our Frikes reached out to help others during their time of need.
We are pleased to say that the efforts of those able to purchase bracelets have now helped 18 families with their holiday expenses, and that we were able to purchase over $200 worth of toiletries and other needed items for Rosie’s Place, an area women’s shelter. We were able to combine these purchases with a generous donation from a Frike, who sent in a package of toiletries for donation as well. Thank you all so much!
Please enjoy these stories, as we have, and if you have more to add, please comment below or contact us on our Facebook page. You can remain anonymous if you wish. We love to share the happiness that giving brings! We are so proud of you all for everything you have been doing and want to recognize your efforts, as well as inspire others to get into the spirit of giving!
“Cathy and the Frikes,

I received a check today to be able to keep my phone, TV and internet on! Thank you to Cathy and her Frikes! I have so much on my plate with family life and this took one of my big worries off me for the month of December! Being disabled I struggle and that's not fun and when you do it around Christmas it’s even harder. I will not have to worry about that bill being shut off! My son plays video games on line and loosing the internet would take away the only thing we have money for him to do! We don’t get to go to movies and do fun things that cost money so this is his all time great entertainment since he has very few friends! From both of us I say....THANK YOU ALL!

I hope each of you who helped make this happen, feel so good about what you’re doing! God bless you all! You gave me happy tears! I needed a little bit of hope and joy more than anything today! You all shared that with me today! I think Cathy and all of you are angels in training! You have softened my heart and reminded me that even in my darkest hours, a fellow Frike you may not have even met yet .... can be your blessing! Cathy and all of you are mine!

Merry Christmas!”
“Dear Cathy and Frikes,

Sometimes, as a parent, decisions are hard. This morning my son woke up and told me his ear hurt. I wasn't surprised as he had told me he felt pressure last night and well, this is not new to us. He gets ear infections at least once a year. Anyway, this morning when he got up, he said "Mommy, my ear really hurts." He broke my heart and this decision was easy. I had $30 left, enough to pay the copay to get it checked, so I took my son to the doctor. He did have an ear infection. One of the stores here gives the medicine we needed for free, so he is all set now. Except payday is still a week away.

After my running today, I came home to find a check in the mail. It warmed my heart on this very chilly rainy day. I couldn't believe it because I hadn't asked for help. I do hope each and every one of you that wanted to help, that did help and those that gave even more know how much I appreciate what you have done for us. Next year, I hope to be a helper too! I so want to be!

May you all have a Merry Christmas!!”
“Dear Cathy,

I truly do not know where to begin. I sat here last Thursday night feeling lower than low. I am usually the one who stays positive and keeps the faith. It finally hit me that we are in such a bad place financially that I could not see a clear way to have a Christmas for my kids. It will be the first year ever that I cannot adopt a family or donate toys. I sat here on the couch and cried and cried and cried and sobbed some more.

You contacted me and told me not to worry. I cried even more when you explained why. I have a very hard time accepting help. I want to be the person giving help, no matter what kind of help it is. I know it is so important to learn how to not only give but to receive as well. Thank you my Christmas Angel, because of you and your Frikes, my kids will all have a happy face on Christmas morning. I love you more than you know. And I promise to you that as soon as I can, I will pay this forward. Thank you so much.

One of our Frikes, who is a single mother on a budget, spent an evening working. At the end of her shift she asked her employer to split the night’s pay amongst the co-workers she worked with.


Another Frike who would love to help but can't afford to purchase a bracelet donated money into my Paypal account to put toward purchasing toiletries for the women's shelter.


I had pictures of some charms on my personal page that I was giving out. One of my friends offered to purchase one. I informed her that I am giving them since I have no use for them. She insisted on sending money to put toward helping out a Frike!

“I feel so awesome! Bumped into a lady that was sitting inside Walmart to keep warm. Her boyfriend beat the **** out of her last night and she can't get into the shelter because her daughter is 18 and they only open the overflow for kids. I had $20 to my name. Just put them on a bus to Wyoming where she has family. She wanted my address to pay me back and I told her someone once helped me when I hit rock bottom so she should pay it forward one day."
“We are poor, not just "man I really want to buy a new car, but can't" poor, but "living with my mom can we even afford one present this year" poor. It is embarrassing, but it's life--the kids don't know and are happy, that's what really matters.

Just this week I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to buy diapers for my baby... my aunt came through and bought a late baby gift of diapers! 2 days later I saw that Babies R Us is running a special on diapers for $5--and I have coupons to make them $3-3.50!!! Hecks yeah! So I call my cousin whose husband up and left her and 3 kids 3 and under, to tell her. She tells me that is awesome, but as it is she has been putting her son in his sister's diapers (2 sizes too small) because she couldn't afford to get him any more!
Well that really bothered me, so I told my mom and said I was gonna use the $12 I had saved to get me a "treat" on getting her some diapers....That turned into my mom and I going to the store and then a bit later "ding dong ditching" 2 boxes of diapers, some wipes, and few presents for the kids, and tomorrow I am going through my son's and daughter's toys and pulling out some nice things for her kids!

Moral of the story: There is always someone worse then you, even if you can't imagine! And doing something good for someone is THE best gift this season!”
“Hi Cathy!

You are such a good influence on people, I hope you know that! Today, I finally bought that jacket for that homeless man I mentioned in my blog post. I spent a fair bit of time making sure I got him the exact right jacket (is it waterproof? Wind resistant? Can he wear it in varying weather conditions? Will it FIT?) and I think I got just the right coat for him. I even got Julian really excited about giving Jim (that's his name; turns out my mother has quite a lot of conversations with him) the coat.

If it hadn't been for your huge heart, I wonder if I would have been at all inspired to do this in the first place or actually follow through with it.

Thank you for being who you are! ♥♥

Hi Cathy,

You inspired me!!! Knowing there was noway I could afford to help with the charity, Rosie's Place, that you were sending items to I tried to figure out a way that I could give back. Well I remembered that I had two bags of travel size toiletries under my bathroom cabinet that I was given when me and my girls were homeless. Well, knowing that I couldn't afford to ship them to you I brought them to my local woman's shelter. They were so appreciative and when I left I felt good knowing I had helped in some small way.

Well last night while I was in line getting my 7 month old grandson's WIC voucher for formula the cashier asked, "Are you all ready for Christmas?" I just looked up at her and said, "Unfortunatley, there won't be much of a Christmas this year. We don't even have a tree." This is a store I visit regularly so the cashier knows me and my girls. I told her that it was going to be a miracle if we made it through the week with food, gas and diapers for the baby because I had only $5 left after paying the rent. She came around and hugged me and the girls and I left. Well as we were almost to my car the cashier ran out to us and she said, "Pick out any tree you guys want!!" She said that the gentleman in line behind us heard and paid for a tree for us. I just started crying, and I mean crying like a baby..I couldn't believe it!!! So the girls and I picked one out and we now have a Christmas tree for the babies 1st Christmas! I pray that I'll be able to perform these random acts of kindness one day!!

Love ya,
Wow. We are humbled, and you are amazing! We could not be more proud to have such kind and loving people as part of our Cathy’s Creations family. Our Frikes are awesome!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wacky Weekend Giveaway!

Hello Frikes!

BIG, huge thank-yous to you all for your participation in our DOTD specials to benefit those in need, our recent peace bracelet auction to benefit Rosie’s Place, a women’s shelter, for your thoughtful submissions in our Pay Your Thankfulness Forward Giveaway, and for passing our name along to participate in a drawing for the chainmaille charm bracelet! Keep up the good work, we notice it! And, after 3,100 Facebook page likes, we will announce another winner- so share us with the world, and we can share with you!

With all of these positive things happening around us, we can’t help but feel a little more generous…

So, we are hosting another giveaway!

For our Wacky Weekend Giveaway, we ask you to get creative and silly! The season is about cheer too, so send us some pictures of you in your craziest outfit- mix things, match things, go over the top! We want to see how funny you can be! Email your pictures and they will be posted into an album on our Facebook page. Then ask your friends to come click “like” on your picture! The person with the most “likes” at the close of the contest is the winner, so this contest and your success are totally in your hands!

To enter:

- Take a silly picture of yourself in a crazy outfit.

- Email the picture to

- Include your first name for us to use to announce you with.

To win:

- Ask your friends to come “like” our page.

- Then ask them to come “like” your picture.

- Get the most “likes” and you win!

And what will you win?

This gorgeous bracelet!

Entering this contest is fun and free! We can’t wait to see who is wackiest!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pay Your Thankfulness Forward Giveaway- Winner announced!

Hello Frikes!

Thank you for all the interest and submissions in our Pay Your Thankfulness Forward Giveaway. We are humbled by the love and generosity of so many of you, and also love to see the reasons you are thankful this season!

We are so excited to be able to help you pass on a symbol of love and thoughtfulness to another person. It really warms our hearts to be able to help our lucky winner pass along some kindness this holiday season. We wish you all could have won, but for now, there is only one lucky winner via random drawing. Here is their submission:

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for the help my family has received this holiday season. Sometimes people can really surprise you and help you out when you need it most.

I would give this bracelet to my neighbor Susan. Her Mom is dying of cancer. She has lung cancer and brain tumors. My neighbor is so sad to be losing her Mom. She is taking care of her and working at the same time. A gift like this would perk her up a little I'm sure.

To our anonymous friend, we are so glad to be able to help you show your neighbor a little recognition. We will be contacting you to get more information!

Thank you all for participating in this contest and please remember that we still have another active contest going on! Your chances to win something are just beginning.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Pay Your Thankfulness Forward Giveaway!

Have we mentioned lately how much your Frike dedication means to us? As the number of Frikes continues to rise on our fan page, thanks in part to the dedication and page-sharing from all of you, we are feeling especially impressed and appreciative. So, in the midst of our Chainmaille Giveaway, we are going to have yet ANOTHER giveaway! Are you excited?!

We have noticed so many inspiring stories lately of thanks and joy this holiday season, as Frikes are helped out and others are seeing ones they love help those in need. It’s incredible! The happiness of a Frike is something that always warms our hearts, as we are able to celebrate the joys of life with all of you. We want to pass on this wonderful feeling, and we want to start with you.

Because we are encouraging everyone to give this season with our 25 Days of Giving, we are offering you all an opportunity to give as well. Many of you have said you wished you could buy a bracelet for someone as a kind gesture, or share the gift of a Cathy’s Creations piece with a loved one. So, this contest is about you winning a bracelet for someone else! In the spirit of thankfulness, we are asking you all to participate in the Pay Your Thankfulness Forward Giveaway!

One lucky winner will get this one-of-a-kind, handmade bracelet!

Here’s what you have to do:

-Comment below with a short story or a small list of reasons for why you are thankful this holiday season.

-Tell us who you will give the bracelet to if you win, and why they deserve it.

Please do not forget that if you post anonymously, you must leave us a way to contact you. So please either include the name we can use to find you on the fan page, or your email address along with your submission.

It’s that easy! We will pick a lucky winner to receive the bracelet, and contact you for information.

Also don’t forget to comment on our other blog entries; we have several contests and giveaways coming up, and we draw names from some random places!

Contest Winners & Another Giveaway!

We are so excited by the new Frikes on our page! Welcome one and all! You all have done a wonderful job getting the word out, and now it’s time to reward you.

The winners are:

3,000 Frike random drawing- Sherri Taft

3,100 Frike random drawing- Kim Wells

3,200 Frike random drawing- Heather Richardson

3,300 Frike random drawing- Jamie Boyce

Congratulations! You have won the gorgeous Status Link with Bling chainmaille bracelet with your choice of up to two customized charms! To claim your prize, email us at If you would like to be featured in the next blog, please let us know so we can contact you privately. We love to know more about our big winners, and welcome you to share some pictures or information with us all! We want to feature you in our next blog.

Now seems like a great time to announce some more exciting news!

As you can see, we are planning ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!!! The “New Year, New Us Giveaway!” In January, we will be asking you to submit an idea for a new bracelet to be featured on our website. It’s time for some changes around here, and we’re turning to you to find out what you want to see from us. So, browse through what we already have on our site, and then submit your original idea, whether it is patterns, colors, charms, sets, you name it, and we will pick a winner in January. The winner will be given a creation of their choice, and their winning bracelet will be featured for sale on our website! The more details, the better, so we can truly create the bracelet of your dreams. Get to thinking, Frikes! You are all eligible for a win. Please keep your written ideas a secret for now- we will announce when it is time to share!

And, because winning is so much fun, we have another announcement for the new year. Starting in 2012 with the New Year, New Us Giveaway, we will be kicking off at least one giveaway per month! All contests and winners will be announced in this blog, so feel free to add this blog to bookmarks or become a member (to the right) because you are going to want to keep up with the excitement!

As always, we would love some participation here. You never know when in 2012 we are going to reward you randomly for your blog comments- or how far back we might go! Hint, hint... So, don’t forget that if you choose to comment anonymously, you may want to include a name we can use to find you on the fan page!

To get you started with commenting, please browse the page and tell us what bracelets you are likely to consider purchasing this year. We want to know what your favorites are so we know to keep them around, or add more like them. You may even see one or two of them sneak into the Deal of the Day someday on our Facebook page!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Chainmaille Giveaway!

Hello Frikes! How are you today?

We are doing fantastic! Why, you may ask? Well, that’s because so far, our December DOTD donations have been able to help EIGHT families have a happier holiday season! The overwhelming outpouring of generosity among you all is incredible. Some of you donated extra money, or paid for a bracelet for us to give away at our discretion to another person. This is exactly what the holiday season is about- doing what you can to help whoever you can, big or small! We appreciate all the efforts.

For those who can’t participate in DOTD for financial reasons, we understand! All of our Frikes are important to us and we value and appreciate you all. Without your fan base and loving support, this would not be possible. You continue to inspire us to do what we do every day!

For those who missed DOTD but are interested in purchasing a bracelet seen in the album, let us know. We can almost always recreate the bracelet of your choice, so try us! Although the prices will vary from those seen on DOTD, we do our best to keep our bracelets high quality and affordable, so please feel free to at least inquire about prices.

The DOTD items that did not sell last night are going to be re-listed today and the proceeds from these bracelets will go to purchasing travel sized toiletries for Rosie’s House, a women’s shelter in Boston.

Now- onto something exciting! You all have been giving (and hopefully can tell us some fantastic ways you have been giving to others in the spirit of our 25 Days of Giving), and now we’d like to give back. Who is ready for a GIVEAWAY?!

As you may know, we have a beautiful new chainmaille bracelet available on the website, which features customizable charms. Many people have expressed an interest in this bracelet, and we are willing to give some away!

We will give away up to four chainmaille bracelets, with up to two customized charms per bracelet. And winning them is easy-peasy!

Here’s what you have to do… We’re on a mission to help as many people as possible this holiday season, and build a fan base of dedicated Frikes who can help us reach this goal. So, we need more people! And we all know that YOU know people.


On your Facebook or in your blog, share the link to Cathy’s Creations on Facebook. Ask your friends to join and become Frikes.

It doesn’t matter how you spread the word- Facebook, your blog, word of mouth… what matters is that they join. It’s as simple as that!

So- how do you know when we are going to give bracelets away? Well, we have 2,958 Frikes right now, so, to kick things off for you, when we reach 3,000, we will give one bracelet away. We will number all Frikes in the order they show up on our list, as displayed on our end by Facebook, and then we will use to select the number of the first winner!

After that, you are going to have to up the ante! We want 3,300 Frikes by the end of the contest, so you know what that means. The next three drawings will take place at increments of 100. Which means at 3,100, at 3,200, and finally at 3,300, we will do drawings in the same way. New Frikes who come are more than welcome to participate!

We are really hoping to see the numbers take off. If this is a big success, we have more up our sleeves. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and impress us!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Deal of the Day FAQ

Hello Frikes!
We have noticed some confusion with DOTD (Deal of the Day.) In order to make it easier for you, we’re putting it all in writing and inviting you to share any confusion or questions you have so we can help make sure that DOTD is understandable and fair for everyone.
DOTD are bracelets that are posted on Facebook for a lower price. These bracelets are first come, first serve. The caption under the photo clarifies the size, price, and any other specifics about the bracelet. In order to claim a bracelet, you must be the first person to comment under the picture of the bracelet that you want with the word “MINE.” You will know you are the first comment when Cathy’s Creations clicks “like” on your comment. Please only claim a bracelet if you intend to win- payment is expected within 12 hours after confirmation, or the bracelet will be re-listed. If you have any issues with making a payment, please contact us as soon as possible so we are aware of the issue and can help you problem solve it!
Sometimes a Frike has their personal Facebook privacy settings set high, and all users cannot see their comments. This means that Cathy’s Creations might be able to see a bracelet be claimed before you can, and even if it looks like you were first to claim it, someone else was faster. At Cathy’s Creations, we respect the privacy settings of all of our beloved Frikes and hope that you will do the same!
The thrill of DOTD bracelets is that they are random! There are no set days, times, or certain items available. You have to keep your eyes peeled and look for posts indicating when the next deal might be- sometimes we can’t help ourselves and give it away!
If you love a bracelet but aren’t buying it- we want to know! Our bracelets are handmade creations that we try to make to suit the needs and interests of our beloved Frikes. So, even if you aren’t in the market for a new bracelet, or don’t have the funds, we’re always up for compliments! Please feel free to click “like” on pictures of your favorite bracelets, or comment and tell us how you feel. We pay attention to your involvement on our page and we want to know what you like! Popular bracelets might resurface again for future sales if we know what you’re looking for.
IF YOU MISS A DEAL, don’t dismay! Several of our DOTD bracelets can be recreated for you for the original cost. Please do not hesitate to comment asking for details about special orders or pricing for what you see on DOTD. Missing the deal does not have to mean missing the bracelet! The joy of handmade creations is that we can almost always create something to fit your specifications, so try us!
So, to summarize:
- DOTD means Deal of the Day.
- The bracelets are listed in an album and you must claim the specific bracelet under its photo.
- If Cathy’s Creations clicks “like” on your “mine” comment, the bracelet is yours and you must pay within 12 hours.
- Things are not always what they seem: sometimes a user with private settings got to the bracelet first. Try your luck anyway! This is not usually the case.
- If you miss out on your favorite bracelet, or you see another deal from a past DOTD that you’d like recreated for you, ask us!
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to comment on this post and ask- we will answer here so you can have all of your information listed in one place!
Thank you, Frikes! Happy shopping!
To participate in DOTD and find out more about Cathy’s Creations, please add us on Facebook and become a Frike! (In case you’re wondering, a Frike is a combination of a “friend” and a “like.” All of our beloved friends who click “like” on our page instantly become Frikes! And we do a lot for our Frikes, so what are you waiting for?!)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

25 Days of Giving 2011

Last year was so incredible that we can’t help but ask you to join us again!

For the first twenty five days of the month of December, we invite you to join us in giving a little bit of yourself each day to benefit the lives of others. Of course, this is something that you can do year round, but making a change together is so uplifting! And with nearly 3,000 Frikes on Facebook, imagine the changes we could make in the world with all of our effort!

Remember that giving doesn’t necessarily mean spending. Some of the most generous gifts come more from spent time and energy than money!

To kick you off, here are twenty five fresh ideas meant to inspire giving. Feel free to follow this list, or invent your own.

1) Volunteer to help with projects in your local school district. The kids will love seeing a new face, and you might learn something new!

2) Compliment a stranger or someone you don’t normally talk to often. Kind words are a gift that we have all appreciated at one point or another.

3) Wash your partner’s car for them. If the weather is too cold, grab a garbage bag and clean out the inside!

4) Leave an extra large tip when you go out to eat. You could make the day of someone who is working hard!

5) Drop off your old towels at an animal shelter. Shelters are always looking for odds and ends to fill needs. If you don’t have towels, bring in toys, paper towels, or bleach.

6) Invite a local family over for dinner and make new friends.

7) Clean up your clutter and donate the usable items to a privately owned thrift shop. Not only do you straighten up your own space, but you keep a small business owner open this holiday season!

8) Ask your local soup kitchen if you can help out for a day.

9) Make handmade cards for the elderly in a nursing home.

10) Buy a cup of hot chocolate for a utility or construction worker standing outside in the cold. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere warm, treat them to lemonade!

11) Donate soap, shampoo, or toothbrushes to a homeless shelter. Even if they are from the dollar store, someone could use them!

12) Offer to clean the home of someone who is elderly, just had a baby, or could use a break.

13) Use your extra yarn and crafting skills to knit or crochet hats for babies at the hospital. Premature babies are often unexpected and parents are not always prepared for their arrival, so extra-small hats could make a big difference without using a lot of yarn!

14) Put your spare change at the checkout into the penny jar, or into the can of a worthwhile cause that someone is collecting for.

15) Sit down with your children and draw pictures for family members. It sounds simple, but it’s a gesture from the heart and loved ones appreciate knowing they are being thought of!

16) Shop local stores for presents or goods. Giving your money to your community benefits everyone!

17) Donate your gently used clothing to a family in need instead of a resale shop. Ask your local church if they have a drop box.

18) Bring someone else’s cart back to the corral at the store. You can help out a busy parent who has their hands full, as well as the employees who have to go out and try to catch them all. You also might be saving the paint on someone’s car!

19) Buy or make hats and mittens and donate them to a preschool or elementary school so there are no chilly kids on the playground this winter!

20) Donate used board games to schools for inside recess or class parties.

21) Offer to post signs promoting a local fundraiser around the town, or help tack up signs of someone’s missing pet.

22) Blog or post on Facebook or Twitter asking people to help one another. Inspiring others to help spreads the love and makes a difference!

23) Donate money in any increment to your local heating oil company and ask them to apply it to an account with a past due balance. Helping someone catch up so they can heat their homes this winter is invaluable!

24) Ask a nursing home if there is a special patient who could use some visitors and try to spend time with them. A mutual friendship is something that can give to you both!

25) Turn off your cell phone while driving, or at least put it in the back seat, the glove box, or in your purse. Doing this every day could make it a habit, and you could give someone the gift of their life- including yourself or your own family!

For more wonderful ideas, check out last year’s project here.

Also, remember that we are giving here at Cathy’s Creations, too! For a limited time, proceeds from all DOTD items will go to people or families in need. If you want more information, please click here!

What could someone do for you to help you? Use your needs to inspire another! What have you done for someone recently that made you feel helpful? The more ideas, the better! Please comment below to share your experience of giving with us!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Recap

November was a busy month for Cathy’s Creations, and probably for you, too! At Cathy’s Creations, we have a lot to be thankful for!

We know some of you Frikes were busy being generous to one another, which warms our hearts. Several Frikes this month claimed and purchased DOTD (Deal of the Day) items for other Frikes who had missed the deal or who hadn’t been able to buy the bracelets. Another Frike cheered up the mother of a young victim of breast cancer by sharing a breast cancer awareness cause bracelet with her. We love seeing the generosity between you all! This is what makes the experience so worthwhile- knowing that people who care are connecting! Thank you for being such amazing people! This is what it means to be a Frike. Please, in the blog or on the Facebook wall, continue to share your positive stories with us and the world! You are making a difference.

How was your Thanksgiving this year? We’d love to hear about it! We have some exciting news to share about how Thanksgiving looked from our end. The kindness of several Frikes allowed eight families connected through Cathy’s Creations to welcome a warm meal to their table. And through twelve anonymous donations, a dozen additional families benefited by celebrating Thanksgiving. You all should be so proud of yourselves for your loving actions this November! Twenty families were fed through our combined efforts- what an amazing show of generosity and kindness! We are truly humbled by the amazing people we have come to know and love. In this economy, we know that not everyone can help, even if they want to. Just by being a part of Cathy’s Creations, you are showing us and the world that you care about the great things we support and value. You are all fantastic!

November also brought Cathy's Creations two new additions:

A Sarah's House cause bracelet was added to help a young mother suffering from a Stage 4 brain tumor realize her dream of building a hospitality home for patients undergoing treatment in rural Maine. Please view the bracelet and read her story, and if you feel inspired, share the story with others! You don't have to be able to buy a bracelet to raise awareness, so view the cause jewelry and find something near and dear to your heart and spread the word.

Did you go look? Because you may have noticed something new. We are pleased to announce a new style of bracelets available only through our website. Please check out our chainmaille bracelets, with optional customizable charms! The perfect gift for mothers, grandmothers, or even couples.

Tomorrow is not only a new day, but a new month, and we have some incredible things planned! We hope that December is filled with more love, generosity, and above all, happiness for all of you. We have a fantastic way to kick this off, so please check back for more details in the next blog!

To close, we invite you to share with us one special thing that happened to you this November. We love to celebrate your joys along with you!

See you in December! Also, please remember- in order to guarantee delivery by Christmas, orders should be placed by this Saturday, December 3rd!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Special Holiday Season Fundraiser!

You know what’s even better than a Cathy’s Creations bracelet for yourself or a loved one this holiday season? Knowing that your purchase helped a friend or family in need! It’s easier than you think.

Because our usual route of giving a helping hand is now charging for their services in connecting those who need the assistance with those who have something to offer, it is time to take things into our own hands and make sure that all of the generosity we have to offer goes to those in need and not into the pockets of a website manager! We believe that help from the heart should be free, and so we have come up with a unique way for everyone to benefit.

For a limited time, all proceeds from the Deal of the Day (DOTD) bracelets posted for sale on Facebook will assist a Frike-nominated person or family who could use a little helping hand this holiday season. The accepted nominations will benefit in the order they were received, and as always, all information is confidential. If you know of someone special who needs the extra help this year, please send an email to with details.

As the money comes in, it will be placed into a special fund and each week, these funds will be applied to the thoughtfully selected individuals.

So, Frikes, keep your eyes peeled and your fingers at the ready to type MINE and claim yourself or someone special a truly thoughtful gift!

Become a Frike! Join us on Facebook! Click “Like” to find out about this special fundraiser and everything else we’re up to!

And please, in the comment section below, share with us a way that you have been helped in the past that truly warmed your heart. We love rejoicing in the generosity of others, and hearing your story could be a true inspiration!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving Frike Love

I know I have the best Frikes in the whole unicorn. I'm thankful for all of you every day!

During this season of Thanksgiving, my heart turns to those who don't have the bounty that most of us do. I know that there are many, even among the Frikes, who don't have enough money to put Thanksgiving dinner on the table. Did you know that the average cost to make a turkey dinner for 10 people with all the trimmings is less than $50 (see To those without $50, that dinner must seem insurmountable. To others, $50 seems like nothing.

Here's your chance, Frikes! Let's help some people in need.

Do you need help with Thanksgiving dinner? Email me at

Would you like to help someone else with their Thanksgiving dinner? Email me at, or simply send a paypal donation of any amount to the same address (make sure to mark it as a gift so no one pays any fees). Please mark the payment "Thanksgiving donation."

I will keep everything completely confidential.

Let's make this season of Thanks a happy one, and remember that it is in giving that we receive.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Meet Taiya

Greeting’s from what will soon be the “artic-tundra” a.k.a Canada!

When I told Cathy I would write up a guest post on her blog I had about a trillion idea’s in which I could write about. Then this happened….. I went blank. It was like walking into the grocery store after you left your list at home. Blank. Nothing. Zip. *crickets*

Then a vision appeared before me on my computer screen. A vision so precious and sweet, it takes your breath away.

Meet Taiya.

Taiya is 5 years old.

She loves all things that 5 year old girls do. She has friends, a loving family, a little sister and leukemia.

On August 29th she was diagnosed with AML (acute myloid leukemia) a cancer in her blood.

This type of leukemia is located at the stem cells of the blood and therefore affects all her blood cells. Her chemotherapy will be very intense, she will spend many weeks in the hospital to receive the chemo, and to manage the complications. In particular she will be at a very high risk of significant infections (particularly bacterial and fungal) following her chemotherapy, and will have to be monitored very closely. At present the treatment plan is to give Taiya 5 cycles of chemotherapy, 4-6 weeks apart.

Her family lives locally where I live. So when I caught wind of what Taiya was up against, I knew I could help. After all, I am a mother of four daughters myself. A mother that knows that no child should be this sick…ever.
While I know that I cannot make Taiya better (but if I could, you bet I would!), I know that I can help her family. As parents, heck as HUMANS, we should give support when others are falling.

So that is where the awesome Cathy of Cathy’s creations comes into play. She inspired me, like so many others, to help. To open my heart as big as it can and give. To teach my children to give, to be a better person, mother, friend , human.

I have a small business that I run. I sew and quilt. It makes my head quiet and my heart happy as I do it. What started as a hobby has turned into passion.
It occurred to me that I could take the contacts that I have made and have them help me, help Taiya.

So may I present to you, my gift to Taiya and her family!

A darling friend of mine and I have decided to have a charitable online auction that will take place on November 12-13th 2011.
We have all sorts of wonderful goods donated from local as well as worldwide angels.
Please consider donating and/or purchasing from the auction that weekend. Purchase some wonderful Christmas gifts all while helping a family in need of support.
If you are interested in donating to Taiya’s auction please email myself, Brenda at: .

Thank you to Cathy for allowing me be a guest on this wonderful blog of hers, and also thank you for reminding thousands of people daily to stand up and help.


Brenda Maks
owner , Four Daisies Quilting & Sewing