Monday, June 20, 2022


Jose Flores- 10


This random act of kindness will be in honor of

 Jose Flores, age 10.

Jose was a fourth grader at Robb Elementary. He loved baseball, playing with his sister, and helping his mother around the house. His father stated that he wanted to be a police officer when he grew up. An honor roll student known for his good behavior and kindness, we know he would have been an amazing officer.

In memory of Jose, we will be sending pizza to the

 Watertown Police Department.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez- 10

Xavior James Lopez - 10

Our next random act of kindness is in honor of two special children, who undoubtedly would wish to share the love.

Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez and Xavier James Lopez shared a special bond. Immediately smitten with one another, the two texted frequently, even exchanging “I love you”s at bedtime. Annabell wore a picture of Xavier around her neck to all of his little league games. Whenever it wasn’t on her, she kept it safely in her backpack.

The two children were so close in their short lives that their families agreed to bury them beside one another.

Annabell loved to spend her evenings painting her grandmother’s nails and braiding her hair. Xavier enjoyed stepping in as his grandmother’s dance partner whenever she needed him to. In honor of these two, their interests, and their special relationship, we have chosen to donate in their memory to Amarillo Angels. Amarillo Angels is an organization that provides support and resources to the foster care community. One of their ventures, the Fairy Godmother Project, helps to provide prom dresses, hair and makeup tutorials, and more, for kids who otherwise would not be able to afford prom. We hope that our donation can help support this worthwhile program in their memory.

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Amerie Jo Garza - 10


Our first random act of kindness is in honor of Amerie Jo Garza, age 10. Amerie, whose favorite color was lavender, was an honor roll student at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas where her life was tragically cut short on May 24.

Amerie was known for her kindness and standing up for others, particularly protecting classmates and friends from bullies. On that fateful day in Texas, she attempted to call for help from a cell phone her parents had just given her. A Girl Scout, Amerie was posthumously awarded one of their highest honors, the Bronze Cross, which is offered for “saving or attempting to save life at the risk of the Girl Scout’s own life.”

Apart from kindness, Amerie’s passion was art, and she wanted to become an art teacher someday. In her memory, we donated craft supplies to Our Space, Inc. Our Space Inc hosts one-day creative arts programs, free of charge, in hospitals and in the homes of children with serious illnesses. Art bringing joy and healing to children is their passion and their mission, and we strongly feel that this organization is the perfect way to keep Amerie’s memory alive.

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Uvalde Memorial Acts of Kindness

 On May 24, our nation was once again rocked with the horrific and tragic loss of multiple young children and their teachers. This senseless act of violence leaves us all feeling devastated, vulnerable, and helpless. As we struggle to comprehend the reasons, problems, and solutions surrounding an act such as this, we also cannot help but think of the lives directly impacted by the shooting, especially those that were lost.

Whenever we try to find footing again after horrors such as this, it feels only right to acknowledge those lost, particularly in ways that honor who they were. We want to take the time to look at these beautiful children and educators as human beings, to see through their eyes how they lived and loved, what brought them joy, and what might impact the world today to keep their memory alive when their physical presence is so sorely missed.
Once again, with great sorrow that this even has to be a repeated event, we would like to do as we did with the Sandy Hook tragedy and honor those lost in Uvalde by spreading love, joy, and kindness in ways that are meaningful to each of them as an individual.
As we are working hard to collect funds and generous donations to be able to do this, we want to recognize the all-too-long list of lives that have been taken away from us before their time.
Jacklyn Cazares-9 Makenna Lee Elrod-10 Jose Manuel Flores Jr- 10 Eliaha Garcia- 10 Uziya Garcia-10 Amerie Jo Garza-10 Xavier Lopez- 10 Jayce Carmelo Luevaos-10 Tess Meta-10 Aithia Ramirez-10 Annabell Rodriguez-10 Maite Rodriguez-10 Alexandria "Lexi" Rubio-10 Jailah Nicole Silguero-10 Eliahana Cruz Torres-10 Rojelio Torres-10 Layla Salazar-11 Maranda Mathis-11 Eva Mireles-44 Irma Garcia-48
As we collect money to fund random acts of kindness in their memory, we are also attempting to research the interests, passions, and dreams of each person that was lost. Our goal is to make a positive impact in this time of suffering, so that the beautiful things about these people are not forever overshadowed the horrible way they were taken from us. Please, purchase, donate, and share- whatever you can do to help us reach this goal is appreciated.

We are currently selling stickers and donating all the money raised to fund these random acts of kindness. To purchase, please Venmo or Paypal and include your address. We are also accepting direct donation .