Thursday, December 25, 2014

25 Days of Giving - Day 25

DAY 25


Organizations that keep people actively involved in donating, sharing,
helping, and caring are always near and dear to our hearts.
We were so happy to use One Simple Wish this holiday season
to find connections with children in difficult circumstances
who were asking for special gifts.
Without websites like One Simple Wish, we would be lost when
it came to donating and helping others. It is so crucial that these websites
get the support and recognition that they deserve for the hard work and effort
it takes to run the entire project behind the scenes for people like you and me
and especially for the children they help.
This is why, for our final day of giving, we have chosen to support
this website financially and encourage them to keep up the spirit of giving.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

25 Days of Giving - Day 16

DAY 16

Today's act was partially funded by Yianna's mother in honor of her "gotcha day."
Six years ago today, Yianna's parents welcomed her into their lives forever through adoption.
What a beautiful way to pay it forward and share that love with the world!

What are we doing and why?

Friday, December 12, 2014

25 Days of Giving - Day 12

DAY 12

Today's gift is in memory of Blair, whose passion for making sure children in foster care
had the basic necessities was the inspiration for the organization Blair's Foster Socks.
Blair's life tragically ended at age 11 when she was hit with a stray bullet, and she was unable
to ever see her project take off. But Blair lives on through the non-profit started in her name,
and through her parents' generous gift of organ donation, which may have saved up to six lives.
Blair, this one is for you! We know how much this would have hit home for you,
and we hope that we have helped honor your memory.

What are we doing and why?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

25 Days of Giving - Day 9


17 years ago today, the woman whose love and kindness inspired all of this passed away.
In honor of Sofia, and with Cathy's extra love and blessings,
this young woman will be spending the holidays with her mother.

Sometimes, in the middle of giving to others, you get something back.
A message like this is a true gift.
 (Click to enlarge)
Keep on giving!
YOU are making a difference!
What are we doing and why?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

25 Days of Giving - Day 4


Today's act of giving is in honor of a little girl named Yianna. She was adopted from Russia by her two loving parents, Andria and Jimmy. Her parents searched the world over for her and finally found the missing piece of their hearts. We hope that the love and joy that found Yianna will reach all children who need a family.

 Yianna and her parents, finally united as a family
A thriving young lady
What are we doing and why?

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

25 Days of Giving - Day 3



Today's wish is in honor of Nia Vardalos, Kara M for adopting from Ukraine, and Angel who will soon have her arms full.

What are we doing and why?

Monday, December 1, 2014

25 Days of Giving - Day 1

Happy December!

To celebrate the joy of the holiday season, we will once again participate in 25 Days of Giving. This year, our focus will be on the One Simple Wish website. One Simple Wish began after two foster parents were so touched by the circumstances surrounding their own foster child that they decided more needed to be done for other at-risk youth. By addressing some of their most basic desires and comfort measures, the website helps these abused, neglected, and abandoned youth find pieces of the childhood they deserve, and reminds them that they, along with their stories, matter.

The website is dependent entirely upon donations of people like you and I, who sponsor a child's wish at their own financial comfort level. Wishes are listed by qualifications such as price, age, gender, location, etc., making it easy for sponsors to find their perfect match.

Please consider visiting the website and seeing if you are able to help. If not, we greatly appreciate sharing the link to this blog to spread the word about this wonderful organization and the work they are doing for children. You may also inspire someone to find a cause of their own this year!