Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Totally Unbiased Superbowl Contest (Based in New England)

Get your game faces on!

Or should we say guess faces? Because with the Superbowl kick off now just under a week away, we are asking OUR devoted fans who they think will win, and by what point spread. And because we are so excited to have some hometown boys in the game this year, we are rewarding the ten closest winners! This means more chances to win and of course more fun! Our lucky winners will nab themselves a Cathy's Creations water bottle or t-shirt!

Please note our complete lack of bias...

So, for example, say you think (or know) the Patriots are going to win by, oh, a million points. You'd say "Pats by a million" in the comments. If you enjoy throwing caution to the wind and just like commenting on things, you can pick some other random team as a winner and whatever point spread you want. Lucky for you Giants fans, we don't get the final say, anyway- it's all about good guessing and of course a good game!

There's always a catch, so here is ours. If we have several entries, the first ten that are closest will be the winners. But don't let this stop you! There are several variables in this game so even if there are fifty comments and yours is last, you could win.

Really. No preference at all.

Remember that if you do not have a username and you post anonymously, you will need to enter your name or contact information (like an email address) in the entry field below so we know who won!

May the best team, and Frikes, win!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Note on Profits and Proceeds

Occasionally we have noticed that there is a slight misunderstanding about cause bracelets and the amount of money that is donated to the appropriate fund from our end. We feel it is very important to stay on top of any issues that might concern you regarding the way your money is distributed during cause sales, whether DOTD or cause bracelets on the website. You will notice that we announce that all “proceeds” from sales will go toward the cause. This seems to have caused some unwanted confusion, so we feel compelled to clarify. 

What this means is that all of the money we make AFTER the cost of the items used to create the product and the cost of labor for those who work tediously to bring you high quality jewelry is donated, in full, toward the cause that is being supported. These bracelets, charms, or other items that are sold are not free, and the employees who dedicate their time and talents need reimbursement. Cause bracelets or sales that benefit a cause do not generate a profit for our business. We feel it is important to share with our customers that their money is used only for the creation and distribution of the bracelets, and for the funds in which they expected their money to support.

Our business strives for, and takes pride in, the generosity that you see on our site; it is quite literally what keeps us doing what we do. All charitable funds are distributed accordingly as listed above, and we try to share with you the proof that your money is going where you expected. If you ever have any questions about the distribution of funds or the availability of cause items, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Thank you!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happiest Frike Memories - Random Giveaway!

Last night, we asked you on our Facebook page to share your favorite memory with us (if you missed your chance, please feel free to add to the comments below!) After trimming out one of our favorite features, playful banter, we are pleased to present 59 wonderful and flattering moments you were willing to share with us!

  1. Alana L. Correale
    when i started the 30 day shred in 2010, i lost like 15 pounds :) course i gained it and them some back in 2011 when i got pregnant with my little guy lucas lol, but it's ok he's adorable :)

  1. Ashley Graybill
    Happiest... Just knowing you! :D lol I have a bad memory right now though... I blame it on the baby. >_>

  1. Bea Hall
    I haven't been here long, but I have to admit that trying to figure out what a frike was was interesting to say the least. I though it might be some sort of weird ritual type thing done with beads and crochet hooks!! Love you Cathy!!

  1. Julie Deyette
    My happiest moment was when I stumbled across your creations ~

  1. Julie Jasman Quantz
    The day a fellow Frike bought me a bracelet I commented on. :) I was so touched. There have been other things as well. You have touched my life so many times. ♥

  1. Irene Giagkas
    It's the laughter you bring Ms. Cathy....everyday.

  1. Lindsey Floyd VanHouten
    Winning a free bracelet since I never win things, and laughing at your status every day. :-)

  1. Cara Barbieri I love reading your statuses! I'm constantly laughing out loud at them! My hubby then makes me tell him what was so funny. :o)

  1. Suzanne Van
    All the giving! The loving, caring, sharing & giving from the all the Frikes.

  1. Cindy Sayman Rieber
    Your status updates make me smile. :)

  1. Chelsea Pokrzywinski
    My happiest moment was hearing that you not only helped get baby Pierce to BCH but that you have pics of getting to be with him and holding him.

  1. Erin Kemp-Hunt
    I just love reading (and sometimes stealing!) your statuses! I know if I come visit your page I will see pretty, creative jewelry, and smile!

  1. Joy Evans
    My happiest moment was the day you agreed to help me make a bracelet for Ms. Faith. You are a mighty incredible lady my dear... you do a whole lot of good in this world.

  1. Ashley Neal
    My favorite things are the blogs and of course the generosity of this site. You are all so loving!!!! Just if everyone was more like you guys the world would be such a nicer place!!!!

  1. Krista Vajgrt
    I do I do!! When you did the breast cancer t shirts save second base and I won one before ruth you posted ruth don't look just don't look! My favorite cathy's creation moment ever!!!! :)

  1. MaryAnne Hobbs-Fernie
    Stealing your status and you follow them over to my page to see how their doing.

  1. Dana Taggart-Carpenter
    It's recent for me. It was everyone pitching in and helping Baby Pierce. And it's you going and being such a wonderful friend to his mom who is going through so much.

  1. Erin Dempsey
    the best part about being a Frike is reading all your funny stuff and all the love, caring and giving I see from you and all the frikes!! You Rock Cathy!! Plus I have bought 3 BEAUTIFUL bracelets!!

  1. Ursula Zamora
    tie: status updates that make me nearly snort coffee out my nose and seeing how you inspire help...cuz you gooood like that.

  1. Heather Richardson
    had to think of a good...i don't have a speific! but you frequently make my eyes leak, my laugh lines increase(thank goodness for mary kay), and warm my heart! i was very happy to FINALLY receive my first bracelet that gets RAVE reviews on it all the time! and my second one is on it's way AND a pendant as well!

  1. Amanda Woodard Farrell
    Your generosity :) You do so many amazing things for others!

  1. Aimee Gilbert
    I love seeing good things happen. You and all the frikes warm my heart!

  1. Amanda Cavanaugh
    It's not a one time thing... when I sneak on FB during work and end up with leaky eyes and have to pretend my damn allergies are acting up!

  1. Amanda Lee Langford
    Getting to know you ♥

  1. Kelli Berndt Lyndon
    Not sure if it's the happiest but the most important is when you introduced us to Warrior Princess Faith. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about her. The way I mother my children has changed because of that little girl and I wouldn't have known about her without you. I guess in a way it is a happy moment because I believe I am a better mother and I am happier because of it. ♥

  1. Cassie Cline
    Happiest moment would be just hearing about all the awesome things you do for everyone

  1. Kerry Leary
    I've said it before. You always make me laugh then I have to read your posts to my husband because I think they are that hilarious!

  1. Erica Lynn Beitz
    Winning the bracelet that must not be named that people kept trying to steal. It was my first and still my favorite!

  1. Mallory Cushing
    becoming amazing friends and having an amazing opportunity to share skillz with you!

  1. Jamie Hawkins
    The tears of joy you make come out of my eyes with an uplifting update about one of the many babies you support on your page.

  1. Alison Vogel
    One of my fave memories...when Cathy sent me a boquet of flowers from a random drawing. They got to me on a day I needed them most. my eyes are leaking. ;)

  1. Missi Lawson Prosser
    I've been a fan since practically the beginning - and loved your humor from the start. It started as "ohhhh - pretty bracelets!" and now it's a "ohhh pretty bracelets AND help someone" :) I've loved watching you grow!

  1. Christina Pritchett-Bowles
    Being able to help others in a fun way makes me happy. Funniest would be needing cleaner for my monitor for the many beverages I have spit out laughing at your status updates! ♥

  1. Jennifer Brown-Carlson
    Celebrating the short but amazing life of baby Emily with so many people, the auction you did to benefit CHD was amazing

  1. Faye Conway
    I love my bracelets but I love joy that you, Ms Cathy, do inspiring others to help moms & babies and others that need just a little help! You are a special Angel on Earth!

  1. Crystal Jones StPierre
    In a world where all we hear on the news are sad/negative stories, its wonderful to hear about the great things you do and other frikes do for people. Brings happy tears to my eyes every time! I also love you silly posts too!

  1. Linda Silva
    Wearing my save second base tshirt and being proud to wear it at our gym for a special breast cancer awareness class!! ♥

  1. Rose Bekarian Koussa
    My happiest moment was when I was able to give back. I love helping others ♥

  1. Lisa McAlendin
    I think my favourite memory as a fire would be last year, when you were nominated for best page (or something like that) and there was So much drama. We all handled it with class, and battled through together to prove who the clear winner was... YOU. Being part of a group of good, honest people... It's a great thing :)

  1. Katrina Hager
    My happiest moment is when I made someone's christmas by buying them a bracelet....

  1. Jaime Barnas
    I am so glad I "met" you through cyber space and you are the only one who has a spinal bifida awareness bracelet to honor my daughter and you made another beautiful one in honor of my angel babys. ♥

  1. Krista Vajgrt
    And the bracelet you made me for me special with the charms I sent you, not a day goes by that I wear and don't think cathy made this for me and we both shed tears over an email about it. Much ♥ to you cathy! And without you I wouldn't have found four daisies quilting and become friends with the fabulous brenda!

  1. Zane Sigala
    The day I got to give you a virtual big wet sloppy kiss... :)

  1. Cherokee Merklinger
    Meeting you in utah of course!

  1. Lisa Knight Voveris
    You came into my life from Wuah and you became a friend asking me to check out your CCpage. You helped me in some of my darkest hours and we shared stories about your moms cancer battle and mine. You became a friend that's like no other! We have Meg and hung out and you are now a part of my heart forever! You teach me more everyday about being a better person by all the things you do being you! I know your momma cries tears of pride and joy of who you are because I do watching you as my friend, and she is Mom! You have no where to go but up my friend! Your heart is pure and true and Cathy, My life is blessed from you! Jewelry with a heart so true...Cc that is you!

  1. Nancy Killen Bryant
    My favorite so far was the reaction from Patrick's therapist when she opened her Christmas gift this year - one of your bracelets. She was almost as excited as I was. ;)

  1. Linda Silva
    Oh and another one was when I met you in Toronto for the frist time with Bobbi and you sniffed me good, lol!! I actually thought omg who is this Cathy person!! ♥ xo ♥

  1. Melissa Dooley
    I love reading your funny status updates every day... they make me lol and it's funny to see the kids and say "Mom why you laughing at the puter?" LOL

  1. Tracey Brimhall Langston
    my happiest moment happened before I became a frike! I love the fact that I knew you before you were famous. But since you started this business my favourite moments are seeing all of the people you are touching (not like that!) You are like pay it forward on speed and you are rubbing off on a lot of other people. That is an awesome thing.

  1. Christie Morrissey
    Your funny status updates. I love knowing I can count on a laugh when I log in after a tough day =)

  1. Lydia Green
    your status updates and all the good thinks that come with it - so much good is being done!

  1. Natalie Wahl
    My favorite thing is you!! And a special frike helping me out with not just one but 2 bracelets!!

  1. Shelby Brushwyler
    So simple...Meeting you!!!!

  1. Christine Solazzo

  1. Jenn Bunge-Verna
    My happiest moment was saving up enough money to purchase a bracelet for a friend battling stage 4 breast cancer. I got her a breast cancer awareness bracelet that said k.c.a. (kick cancer's ass), her cancer motto. I had told Cathy the day she sent it out that she was told they could no longer find any hints of the cancer. Two weeks later, she was told it was back. She is still battling this horrendous disease but with a smile on her face. She's an inspiration.

  1. Robyn Chapin Bridson
    I have had some happy moments but I know the funniest is yet to come. It will be when Martini, Sassy, Wellsy, 'Licious and Russian Doll finally get together in person for a chat and adult beverage. Oh and F bird of course!

  1. Dana Borris Zweibel
    Knowing you!!! Through you and Robyn, I've met the most amazing people....

  1. Jennifer Alves
    Sunday, January 22, I spent a day in paradise with my mother. Mom and I celebrated my birthday at a near by Inn & Spa. The relaxation I received and enjoyed is what I need 24/7.

  1. Mary Gauvin
    This is easy as pie!

My happiest moment as a frike came before the word frike was born, before the page turned into a spot where miracles happen and lives strangers touch one anothers lives and make life long bonds.

The day I got my very first Cathy Creation bracelet and my first real life Cathy hug is such a special moment in my life. I will never forget that hug, that bright and beautiful smile that lit up Cathy's face! I will never forget the joyful way Alicia picked her own bracelet out of the pack Cathy had with her.

Cathy has been a friend who will always hold a piece of my heart. Her friendship is something I cherish beyond words. This page is a super shining example of the amazing woman that Cathy is!

Love you so very much!! ♥

We love you all! Thank you for your participation!

We have decided to host a giveaway in honor of your willingness to continue to share your time, effort, and support with us. So here are our four random winners!

Winner #1-
MaryAnne Hobbs-Fernie (16)

Winner #2-
Heather Richardson (20)

Winner #3-
Irene Giagkas (6)

Winner #4-
Alison Vogel (31)

Congratulations, ladies! You have all won a Cathy's Creations Frike t-shirt! Please contact us with your address as soon as possible! :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dream Date Giveaway - WINNER ANNOUNCED!

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and while we think that a bracelet is a lovely gift idea (cough, cough), we also understand that what most couples need is a little bit of time together. Between work, school, family, and household obligations, many people don’t feel it is possible to make the time to focus on one of the strongest and most valuable bonds in their life- their partner. And if time ever becomes available, money is often a scarce resource that prevents people from really being able to make their time together memorable or special in a unique way.

For some people, the reality of their relationship is that they and their partner are so busy that they are often unable to go do even the most mundane things together, such as grocery shopping or an appointment, let alone a special night out on the town. Many families on tight budgets consider their closest drive thru a special treat, never mind dinner out at a nice restaurant and a movie. It would be great to see someone in this position who could use some quality time with their partner be able to go out and enjoy themselves this Valentine’s Day, don’t you think?

Do you know a couple who would benefit from some quality time together? Is there a man or a woman in your life who you think would love to be able to take their partner out on a date but funding just won’t allow it? We’d love to help you help them this Valentine’s Day!

We are asking you to extend your time as an act of love to a special couple of your choice and nominate them to win a $100 MasterCard prepaid gift card to treat their special someone to a night out on the town.

What do you have to do to win? It’s simple!

-Tell us who you are nominating, and why they deserve to win!

If the couple you nominate wins, you have the option of including a special message for them, or you can ask us to send the gift anonymously (while stating its purpose, of course!) Let’s keep the love alive this year and help bring someone a little bit of love and togetherness!

This contest is open until Friday, January 27 at noon EST, so take your time to think, but don’t forget to come back!

Here’s an added bonus… If you want to send a little love our way, be sure to share our Facebook page with your friends and ask them to click like! You have one chance left to win a customized chainmaille charm bracelet with our fan count, and if you can show us the love in the form of a rising Frike number by February 14th, we may have a little something up our sleeves for you!


The winning entry is:


Jan 22, 2012 06:13 PM
I would love to nominate my friend Laura and her husband Zeppo (Zoe's mommy and daddy)!

They were married less than a year ago and have been facing this battle of a lifetime with their sweet baby girl in the hospital.

This weekend Laura and Zeppo ventured out to Laura's (and my) hometown. It was the very first time since december 26th that Laura has left the hospital.

I think a night out for a nice dinner would be so amazing for them, to be able to have time to be normal for just a little while.

-Mary Gauvin

Thank you everyone for your participation in the contest! It is always so touching to see how many people are willing to take the time to nominate loved ones. Keep an eye out for more, and remember, if you get us a total of 3,300 Frikes by Valentine's Day, we have something for you!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Benefit DOTD – Riley’s Disney Dream

Before her second birthday comes this June, these will be the things that a young and beautiful little girl named Riley will have faced head-on:

Chondrodysplasia Punctata- a rare genetic disorder that affects her bones and lungs

IGG Deficiency- an immune deficiency that makes it hard for her to fight infection

Neutropenia- a blood disorder that also makes infections difficult to treat

ALL- Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (beginning stages)

30% hearing loss- tubes placed in both ears

Malformed tear ducts- surgically fixed in March 2011

Right tibia/fibula bowing- unsuccessful surgery on October 17th; doctors will revisit the issue in March

Langer Mesomelic Dwarfism

Shwachman Diamond Syndrome- affects Riley’s liver and kidneys and how she processes foods

Riley has endured in less than a thousand days on earth more than what most people go through in a lifetime. She recently had a chemotherapy treatment that was not tolerated well, and was deemed ineligible for last resort clinical trials because she did not meet the criteria. For now, her parents and doctors have decided to work on strengthening her immune system. Riley already receives IVIG treatments and will soon begin G-CSF treatments to combat her illnesses and help give her a fighting chance. But the most difficult journey is ahead; the long, helpless road of waiting. Waiting for solutions to arise, waiting for answers that may never come, waiting for results to show what is and isn’t working… And yet through it all, she has a beautiful smile and vibrant personality. Not to mention a mother whose inspiring acts have touched the lives of those closest to us on our business page, our Frikes.

Riley’s mother, fellow Frike Heidi, generously donated this large care package to a family in need after reading their story on our Facebook page, all while knowing her daughter was going through everything mentioned above. Heidi focused on what she could do for others in their time of need and reached out to give, all while going through her own personal struggles with her precious daughter. What an incredible woman and mother!

And now it’s time for us to help her, and Riley.

Riley is too young to qualify for the Make-A-Wish program because she is not yet two-and-a-half years old. But she is not too young to enjoy a break from her constant treatments, doctor’s visits, surgeries, and most recently, her poorly tolerated chemotherapy treatment that was stopped early to allow her to rest. And another of our wonderful Frikes, Dana Zweibel, is able to help. Dana can provide the family with a Disney hotel room, dinner at Cinderella’s castle, and access to all of the magical moments within the gates of one of the happiest places on earth- Disney World. Thanks to an employee discount, Dana has generously volunteered to make this magical dream affordable. This is where you come in.

On Saturday evening at 8 PM EST, we will be hosting a Deal of the Day benefit bracelet sale on our Facebook fan page to raise money to make this trip cost-free for Heidi and Riley! All proceeds from the sales of bracelets on Saturday will be donated to this worthy cause. This is our chance to not only make a dream come true for a little girl going through some unimaginable medical challenges, but to show her mother that we love and appreciate her kind and generous participation as a Frike!

We ask that you please consider purchasing a bracelet, or sharing this blog or our Facebook page with others who may be interested in doing so. It is our goal to make this Deal of the Day sale as successful as possible to make this dream come true for Riley and her family. We can do this!!!

For those who may be interested in purchasing a bracelet, we as that you please only participate if you are able to send payment within 12 hours; benefit fundraisers are time-sensitive.

Please feel free to leave encouraging messages of love and support for Heidi and Riley below. And don’t forget to thank our wonderful Dana for her amazing role in this incredible dream!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Feelin' Lucky? - WINNER ANNOUNCED!

WINNER: Joanna Jones!

What do you think of when you realize it’s Friday the 13th?

Okay, besides that.

You think of luck, right? Friday the 13th is considered, since ancient times, to be unlucky or a bad omen. A combination of being the 6th day of the week and the 13th day of the month are what sets this special date on a crux between horrifying and, well, slightly silly.

Despite evidence that some people do have horrible luck on Friday the 13th (as statistics that point out an increased risk of traffic accidents show) most people agree that the date’s only merit is its widely acclaimed superstitious ties. We all know of some pretty common superstitions, like not walking under ladders or avoiding a black cat that may cross your path, and to most of these, we pay no mind. However, we all have something, a little quirky thing that we believe in- some kind of superstitious belief that we ascribe to, just in case...

So, what’s yours? Tell us today! Why? Because one of you lucky responders to this blog who shares your superstition with us will have your curse reversed this Friday the 13th and will win this bracelet!

It’s this easy:

- Tell us a superstition that you can’t shake; what do you do, and why? How did it start? Reply in a comment to this blog. Include your name in case you win!

- Sit back and wait to see if Friday the 13th is your lucky day!

This year is phenomenal, with this being only the first of three Friday the 13th dates in 2012. So let’s see who can kick it off right! Good luck!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year, New Us Giveaway- Winner announced!

We are so impressed with all of the involvement in our New Year, New Us Giveaway! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful ideas!

You have definitely inspired us, and it was very hard to choose between all of the great and original bracelet plans you had. Some of them had already been done in the past, and were not quite successful enough for us to revisit at this time. While all of the ideas were very unique and exciting, we had the difficult task of choosing only one, and we decided that this entry should win:

“You hear every day about some teenager killing themselves due to bullying and there is so much negativity out there about looks, size, sexual orientation, I think something with charms with positive thoughts or something to help spread the good instead of the bad. I am not sure what I am thinking of but maybe others can help think of something. I don't want it to be corny -would someone wear a bracelet with a charm "beautiful" "special", "born this way"? I think they would be great gift ideas.
Another idea -more personal, my dad always you to say love you whole bunches of x's and o's. He signed cards that way too - maybe a charm with X's and O's.

We truly loved the idea of a bracelet that encouraged support and self-love for the one wearing it and we agree that these bracelets would make incredible gifts for loved ones. Countering negative messages that peers and the media send out, and remembering that we have value is such an important part of life, and we would love to do our part. Thank you for the wonderful idea, Peppy! Please let us know which bracelet from our website you would like! (Remember that you are limited to regular inventory items only; no cause bracelets.)

In the future, we may look to you again for more inspiration, so please don’t feel discouraged if you didn’t win. We appreciate all of the feedback and value your place here!

As we revamp our inventory, please feel welcome to let us know what some of your favorite bracelets are in the comments below!

Congratulations again, Peppy!

The Value of Friendship

Since there is nothing so well worth having as friends, never lose a chance to make them.
~Francesco Guicciardini~

Once in awhile, you start to reflect on things that mean something to you. Family, health, safety… and friendship. With divorce rates higher than success rates in marriage, with disease and cancer and health care crises everywhere we look, with the economy low and jobs scarce, there sometimes seems like there isn’t a lot to look forward to, and not a whole lot of purpose to our lives. And then we remember that our lives are filled with people we call friends.

Some friends we have had for what seems like forever. Like the sun in the sky or the sand beneath our feet, they are constant and always with us; they seem to change very little, or at least change with us, and they endure and last. Other friends are like the ocean tides; they come and go, rise and fall, having a purpose in our lives and then distancing themselves for whatever reason. There are friends who we are immediately able to be ourselves around, with whom there are no awkward silences or embarrassing moments that we can never live down. There are friends who are there simply for entertainment or because we share a common space but in whom we can never confide or fully know. There are the friends we learn from, sometimes the hard lessons… sometimes the worst; that people are not always kind or nice, that people are not necessarily what they seem, and that people cannot always be what we had hoped for.

But always, there is the appreciation for friendship. The ways in which we grow and change in life are varied and unexpected. We may become what we never believe we would have, do things we never felt capable of, or need help we had always thought we could avoid, and in these moments, we find out who our friends are. Every friend we have made is worth having, because everyone we let into our lives shows us not who they are, but who we are.

Just over a month ago, we asked you to go on a mission (in the form of a giveaway) to find us more friends. We may be a business, but we would like you to think of us as more than that. Already, you have brought us almost 200 new friends to learn from, share with, and enjoy! Thank you so much for the opportunity to connect with new and different people, to share the message of sharing and helping with those you know, and for the kindness and love you show when you share our message with the world. We really appreciate you, for all that you do, for the supportive and kind things we see you saying to one another on our Facebook fan page, and for the laughter and joy you bring to our lives. Not a day passes that one of us here doesn’t see, and appreciate, your participation in what we are trying to do. Making a difference in the world is a big job, and we’d like to think that together, we are all doing it. Your help is paramount, and doesn’t go unnoticed. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Please share with us a little bit about your friends below. How have they impacted your life for the better? Let’s hear a little friendship appreciation from your perspective!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Us Giveaway!

Hello Frikes! Happy 2012 to you!

We hope you all had a safe and wonderful New Year’s celebration! How are your resolutions coming along? Sure it’s only the first day, but sometimes that’s the hardest one of them all! Remember to take it all one step at a time and celebrate all the smaller accomplishments along the way.

We have our own resolution here at Cathy’s Creations and since research shows that involving friends ensures greater success, we want to celebrate it with you! If you’ve been shopping our website long, you will notice that things have slowed down lately, and we think it’s time to change that. Our plan for 2012 is to stay on top of the site, adding inventory to enhance your shopping experience and provide you with more options.

To help us kick start our resolution and get things going immediately, we are asking for your help. It’s time for a contest giveaway! We need your help making a new regular inventory bracelet. So, browse through what we already have on our site… and then submit your original idea, whether it is patterns, colors, charms, sets, you name it, and we will pick a winner! The winner will be given a regular inventory creation of their choice from our website, and their winning bracelet will be created and featured for sale on our website! The more details the better, so we can truly create the bracelet of your dreams. Get to thinking, Frikes! You are all eligible for a win.

Here’s the breakdown:

-Look at the bracelets we already have to get inspired, or to see what we can do! (Also, keep in mind what you might choose if you win! It’s like shopping for ideas and for free jewelry all at once!)

-Invent your own design and name it. The winner’s bracelet will not only have their own design but the name of their choice!

-Submit a drawing or a detailed description of the bracelet you’d love to see on our site by replying to this blog below, in the comments section. Please remember that if you post anonymously, you must leave contact information so we can reach you if you win!

That’s all you have to do!

Please note that this contest is asking you to submit ideas for regular inventory bracelets only, and not for cause bracelet nominations. If you have a cause bracelet nomination, please contact us for more details.

We must also limit the eligible prize bracelets to those that are in regular inventory only- this includes anything you see in our store that is not a cause bracelet, including children’s and charm bracelets. We cannot honor requests to win our cause bracelets, as those bracelets are intended to generate a profit that benefits the person or charity associated with the bracelet in the bracelet’s description.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got! Good luck and have fun! This contest is open for submissions until January 8th, 2012 at noon E.S.T.

Also, we want to remind you that we remember our promise and starting this month, we will have at least one contest each month! That’s twelve or more chances to win a free bracelet, so keep following us for more exciting updates!

Happy 2012!